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November Goals

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

If you’ve kept up with my posts, you have probably realized by now that I am a p.l.a.n.n.e.r. And sweet friends, that is probably the biggest understatement of all time. Let’s try it again…”Hello, my name is Liz, and I am a control-freak.” I have a need to know. What is going to happen each day. Each week. Each month. Yup. You get it. I have been working v.e.r.y. h.a.r.d. to leave it all up to the One who’s really in charge, but it is still a day-to-day battle. So, I have been concentrating on just planning one day at-a-time. But, to supplement for the “letting go” of the need to strategize father in advance, I have decided to try and set some longer-term goals and challenge myself to reach them.

Recently, I have seen several other bloggers post weekly and monthly goals on their sites, and I thought it would be kind of a fun way to hold myself accountable. A few days ago, I read Cassie’s October Goals on “Sage the Blog” and loved them. Reading hers inspired me to set my own for November. I am a day late, but better late than never, right?!

So here we go…

1. Send out 8 pieces of snail mail. My (goal) would be two per week. I love getting mail. An encouraging note. A birthday invitation. A Christmas card. Plus, I love to write. So, I figured this one would be an easy and attainable (goal) to reach! I have some sweet friends and family members going through some very big life events, both amazing and devastating. It is a perfect time to reach out.

2. Do something special for me once a week. I feel like that kind of sounds a little selfish. That’s actually not the intent at all. Sometimes, taking a moment for myself…to indulge in some chocolate, paint my nails, write a blog post, buy a new pair of jeans, have dinner with friendscan totally refresh my spirits. As a wife. As a mom. As a teacher. As a writer. Although my role as “Mommy” does and always will come first, I am still “Liz”. I still have interests and things that I like to do for me. And to grow as a person.

3. Read a book. An entire book. If I have a few hours, I can knock it out. I am a pretty speedy reader. I just need the time. I have two in mind (and waiting for my attention to them on our dining room table)…The Best Yes and Love, Skip, Jump, which is part of a book study through The Influence Network, which I am so happy to be a part of now!! I will be off for four days around Thanksgiving, so I am hoping (besides some serious Christmas shopping), that I will get through one or both of them by then.

4. Plan something special for my husband’s birthday, coming up in a few weeks. He deserves it. I have never in my life met someone who works harder than him. In so. many. different. ways. He is an amazing provider. The best Daddy ever to our three little girls. Just a downright incredible person. Not sure if I am going to go big or small with these plans, but I want to create a special way to celebrate.

5. Create a Christmas-shopping list. Develop a budget. Stick to it. Ohhhhhh, friends. This one may be my downfall. I l.o.v.e. to give to others. I love to find the “perfect” gift and see their sweet faces light up. I have always wanted to create my own business. Where someone fills out a questionnaire about the person for whom they are shopping, and for a small fee, I take care of the rest. The planning. The preparation. The presentation. I would adore an opportunity like that.

So what do you think? Life is craaaaaazzzzzzzzy. We already know that. I am hoping that I can pull these off. Do you have any goals? Have you thought about setting/creating them? I am excited to see where these lead me this month. Fall is a favorite season of mine (behind summer, of course). It’s such a fun time of the year, and always provides ample opportunities to catch up with family and friends. Check back soon to see how things are going!

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