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March Goals

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Goooooood morning, March! In like a lion. With nine inches of snow. (How else?!) So glad you are finally arriving. It makes my heart so happy to think that the lull of winter is finally coming to a close. And, you know what, sweet friends? Not a day passed by that I did not think about my aspirations that I had made at the beginning of this month. Seriously, it was so refreshing to create these personal goals and work so hard to attain them!  Holding myself accountable. And for March? My mind has been envisioning and planning even before the month arrived. 


Before I jump into this month’s goals, I want to review February’s goals… 

1. Read a book; an entire book. Mission accomplished! I wasn’t sure I was going to reach this one. But soooo happy I did. You can read more about the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, my reflections and a big personal revelation here.

2. Create an intentional and purposeful Lenten goal. Mission accomplished!

3. Take better care of myself, physically.  Overall, mission accomplished! I have been trying to work out on the weekends as time permits, stretch nearly every day and not sitting down, as much as possible, while at work. Now, I am concentrating on cutting out some extra dairy and processed food as well.

4. Write down one happy moment from each day. Mission accomplished!

5. Begin packing up items that we are not actively using. Ummmm. Well, not sure what is going to happen here. Yesterday, we learned of a large hiccup with our plans. Not of the house or current owners, but something happening nearby. And my heart is very unsettled. Yes, I have been slowly o-r-g-a-n-I-z-I-n-g and packing. But, stay tuned. Prayers for the ability to sort this out in the next week or so are greatly needed. 

March’s Goals…

1. Read a book; an entire book. I have already started one, mid-February, and am IN LOVE with this inspirational devotional: Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dreams (a 40-day reflective book; perfect for Lent). One of my closest friends also recommended She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice. I dove in the other night, and am currently four chapters in amazement. Highly recommend!

2. Continue with my Lenten goal. One that I created to be intentional and purposeful. I love the reflection that I have been able to do with the book I have been using Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dreams Last year, my goal was to open myself fully and completely to God’s plan for me, and in doing so, I very happily and fulfillingly rediscovered my passion for writing and was able to restart this blog! Such a “treasure” in my life. I have found that focusing on something I can “improve” or “change” about myself to enhance my faith is much more ______ to me right now than giving something up.

3. Reduce the amount of processed food my family consumes. Honestly, sweet friends, we eat very healthy overall. We don’t do fast food. We try to keep the amount of candy to a minumum. But, it’s still very easy to grab those quick snacks…peanut butter crackers, animal crackers, chicken nuggets (although supposedly miminally processed), etc. Kids are kids, and I want them to be kids. I just want to provide our family with some healthier snacking choices. I am very happy that my little girls understand which foods are the healthiest and why those are good choices!

4. Write down one happy moment from each day. It’s always easier to get on a roll of taking strong note when things aren’t unfolding as planned. Oh, but how much brighter life can be when opening our eyes to the sweet beauty present around us each-and-every day. I know there will be days when completing this seemingly simple task will be harder than others, but I think it will offer great change in perspective on those daunting, gloomy, frigid winter days.

5. Prepare for my one-year blog anniversary! I cannot believe it is just a few shorts weeks away. I am so excited to be preparing for my first official blogging link-up, as well as a possible give-away. And it wouldn’t be possible without my beautiful readers. So, THANK YOU, sweet souls!! xo 


So what do you think, sweet friends? Life is busy. As always. We already know that. So, I am hoping, wishing and praying that I can pull these off. What about you? Do you have any goals? Have you thought about setting/creating them? This has been perfect for me. Setting aspirations and working to achieve them. Just perfect. I am excited to see where these lead me this month and can’t wait to share how everything played out at the end of this month!

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