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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Truth or dare. Truth every time.

I am not a person who goes out on a limb. Not a person who often emerges from my shell. Not a person who often invites others in. Not a person who takes risks. Not a person who lives without worry.

Dare…to push boundaries. To carry courage through any situation. To look fear in the eye. To take chances. To prove others wrong. To live in the moment. To transcend worry.

Truth…I am a person who sets boundaries. Who offers courage to others. Who closes my eyes to pray. Who plans my every move. Who lets others voice their thoughts.  Who loves to watch the moments. Who trails anxiety.

Truth or dare. An emergence would be the p.e.r.f.e.c.t blend. A goal for myself. To set the boundaries and then push them. To offer courage, but carry some myself. To close my eyes and pray, while staring fear in the face. To make my plans, yet take some chances. To watch memories being made, while living in the moment. To take hold of the anxiety while surpassing the worries.

Living life as a game of truth-or-dare does not have to be so black-and-white. A beautiful life requires both. Some boldness, sprinkled with quiet certainties. A full life encompasses each. Strolling through the vulnerability to build up the courage. Letting go of control to pursue adventure. Dreaming our dreams, and following confidently in the direction that leads us there. Knowing that the most amazing feats in life come from putting on our shoes and walking away from our comfort zones.

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