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Five-Minute Friday: Notice

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Life continues to pass us by each and every day. For most of us, time seems to accelerate more and more quickly, instead of slowing down. We find ourselves so lost in the rumbles of chaos, that we forget to actually open our eyes and notice the beauty and grace evolving around us. God loves to surprise us with those moments of sanctuary in our lives, offering a warm embrace and quench of refreshment.

And who doesn’t love a gracious surprise?! Whether it be an unexpected, thoughtful word from another, to warm our heart; or a hand-painted sunrise to welcome us to the start of a new day. Maybe it’s simply the aroma and pick-me-up from the goodness found in a hot cup of coffee; or the blessing of a friendly, helping hand when we need it the very most.

So, today, may you be surrounded with opportunity. To open your weary eyes and notice. Taking note of each good thing that finds its way into your day. May you look up high above and give thanks. Remembering that you are loved unconditionally, blessed beyond words and that above all, you have an everlasting supply of God’s divine adornment. May you exist at any given moment, trusting God to provide you with every possible need, and taking notice of all the “extras” that He chooses to sprinkle into your life!

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