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You are not invisible, sweet mama.

It's those ultra-humbling moments, precious mamas.

The behind-the-scenes ones. Seen by no eyes other than yours and God's. The ones you wish so badly for others to witness. But, for which no one else is privy to behold.

These are the most beloved of all, sweet mamas. Sacred keepsakes.

Of your incredibly hard work.

All in His name.

But also, the very hardest ones of all. Because you question their value. Their purpose. Their worth. The "why".

The dozens-upon-dozens scattered amidst a day's work.

The on-your-hands-and-knees-grappling-Cheerio-crumbs moments. The 2:00-AM calming sways to comfort away the battle cries of a teething baby. The handfuls of Legos, renegade socks and matchless Barbie shoes. The nightly baths, showers and teeth-brushings. The bedtime pajama-wrestling.

The absorbing her heartbreak, as if it were all your own. The meltdowns. And for-no-reason tears. The after-hours dishes. The next day's school lunches. The late-evening panic as he misses his curfew. The weekly ironing.

Dust-bunny wiping. Rescheduled doctor appointments. The reheated coffee. Five times over. The spilled spaghetti. The clogged toilet. The sleepless nights. The bathroom-scrubbing. The counter-wiping. The toy-fixing. The stuffy-mending. The making up her room, hoping she will travel the 200 miles this weekend to come home for a visit. The last-minute uniform washing, to ensure he's ready for tomorrow's game.

The wondering--if you are even remotely succeeding at this crazy, chaotic, grace-filled adventure of motherhood.

When no one else sees.

But, beloved mamas, you must know, He does. Your Heavenly Father Above. He sees it all.

Every tiny... Every seemingly meaningless... Every broken... Every tear-filled... Every exhausting... Every insanely-beautiful moment.

Held deep within His heart. Honoring you. Behind the scenes of life's toughest job.

Through quiet whispers of praise. Through those dig-deep bursts of energy you didn’t think you had. Through the answered prayers. The text from a friend. The “I love you, Mommy” artwork. The bear hugs. The cuddles. The five minutes of quiet. The warm meal, still waiting for you. The moment all to yourself, to give Him thanks.

He sees you, darling mama. When you feel as though the rest of the world doesn't think you still exist; doesn't realize how much of your entire heart and soul you pour into these growing babes.

He sees you. He knows you. He adores you. Bursting with unconditional love. Eternally proud. And forever grateful.

For taking care of His most sacred beings on Earth.

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