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Proud, Bold Faith

Have you ever thought about just how fleeting life really is?

I mean, truly thought about it?

How much time we waste, trying to "please" the world.

Trying to conform...

Fit in...

Be liked...

Be welcomed...

Be invited...

In an instant, it will all be gone.

And, while our actions most certainly will have mattered...

...and our heart for God...

...our reflection of Jesus...

Nothing else truly matters.

So many times, I feel Him nudging,

"You could have spent that time with Me."

"Why are you so worried about what she thinks of you?"

"Were you thinking of Me when you made that choice?"

"Why are you so concerned about earthly opinions?"

"Are you truly living for an audience of One?"

"Do you greet Me first each morning?"

"How often am I on your to-do-list?"

We spend SO much time.





Instead of living in proud, bold faith.

When my last breath is drawn, when my soul leaves its temporary home, and when I humbly bow before our Heavenly Father Above…

…it won't matter what kind of home I owned.

…it won't matter how many people showed up

to a business event or birthday party.

…it won't matter how many social media

friends I had.

…it won't matter how much money I did or did

not make.

…it won't matter how often I got myself

“dolled up" in life.

Because, when it's all done-and-said…

When our time on this earth is finally over…

When our bodies evaporate…

The only thing that will remain is this...

...our soul...meeting our Savior.

And what a meeting it will be.

Will it be filled with joy and illumination?

Or will it be dark, regretful and remorseful?

Who are we living for?

And why do these worldly opinions

matter so much?

If our heart is in the right place,

our soul is existing to draw closer

to an audience of One--living our

life, shining His light, with each step forward--

and never looking back to eavesdrop

on the whispers that follow our trail.

Have you ever thought about just how incredibly fleeting our world truly is?

And Whose whispers do you choose to listen to each day?

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