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To My Darling Daughter, You are God's Masterpiece

My Dearest Daughter,

What a magnificent work of art you are--

nothing short of one of God's greatest

masterpieces of all. With a mighty and

incredible destiny, He created you--

setting you apart from all others--

to fulfill a purpose that only you can.

Fearfully and wonderfully made,

there is no one else like you on this earth.

Hand-sewn, one-of-a-kind, amazingly

beautiful you. Never has He set His eyes

on a more irreplaceable creation, and never

for once, has He taken His eyes from you.

My Sweetest One,

Never forget to keep God first,

and everything else will fall into place,

even when it feels as though life is falling apart.

Always remember to be a beautiful

and bright light, shining His goodness

amidst our tainted and lonesome world.

Keep loving others--not with a simple

and ordinary love--but with the same

selfless love of your Savior, Jesus Christ.

Forever be kind and compassionate--

for these traits will overcome the enemy's

most powerful weapons of jealousy and

comparison--both the sneakiest of thieves.

Sing God's praises each day with a fierce

joy and gratitude that cannot be taken away by Satan.

Always be honest and forgiving, and don’t let a day pass by that doesn’t find you living humbly—swallowing your pride—to stand with integrity in His name.

And never, ever forget, to make God the absolute cry of your that through you, beautiful girl, those around you may forever see the light of Jesus in your heart.

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