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To My Daughter, The Table-Inviter

To my darling daughter—pushed out of

your comfort zone last night--I’m so proud of you.

I watched you—from the sidelines of your cross country practice. As the coaches asked everyone to join together with two other runners, to make a group of three. The thing was, your two closest friends weren't at practice, and as the words left his mouth, I could see you take a deep breath.

But, then I saw you.

I saw a tiny smile creep across your face.

I saw a wave confidence overcome your stance.

I saw my girl--fearfully and wonderfully made--

in His image.

And I saw you turn and look around.

Until you found her.

And until you spotted him.

Then, you invited.

Together, you created an "unlikely" group.

But one full of smiles and encouragement.

You didn’t care who was looking.

You didn’t second guess your invitation.

You simply followed His lead.

Last night, my sweet girl, you were a table-inviter.

You didn't turn your head or drop it in doubt.

You didn’t block someone from "sitting" with you. You didn't hide or walk away from anyone around you. You didn't seek out the fastest or the most competitive.

You sought the lonely.

The unsure.

The ones needing a friend.

You smiled.

You sought.

And you welcomed.

You let your Father Above flood your soul with

confidence and compassion. And it was such a

wonder to behold... you greeted and welcomed another of God’s

beautiful children to your friendship table,

carefully pulling out her seat, and his too.

Sweet girl,

My very greatest prayer is that you will be overwhelmed with confidence from your Father Above. That you will forever feel His armor securely, yet gently, wrap around your entire being each day. And that you will forever greet all those around you with kindness, compassion, and a smile, exuding nothing but His brightest light.

And above all else, I pray that you will

never ever stop being a table-inviter,

and that you will always and forever

continue to pull out others’ seats.

May you always be a voice that cheers.

A hand that extends.

A kind word.

A friendly face.

A warm embrace.

A shoulder upon which to cry.

And most of all--a shining light,

leading those around you straight

back to your Heavenly Father Above,

with every breath you take.

Beautiful Daughter,

Last night, you were a table-inviter.

And I could not have been more proud.

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