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Motherhood is Too Beautiful Even for Satan

I want to let you in on a little secret, sweet mamas.

Satan will never stop trying.

He will never, ever stop trying

to destroy your motherhood.

Not for one second.

Not for one breath.

Not for one beat of your heart.

Because, when he sees your love...

...a love so reciprocal of that between God and His Son, our Savior...

...a love so selfless, that we would lay down our lives for our own children...

...a love so insanely beautiful, that it almost pierces his heart with happiness...

...he can't help himself.

It's just too much.

Too much for even his fallen, hardened heart.

Do you ever notice, just how often

he threatens our motherhood?

How often he attempts to crumble it?

...destroy it...

...shred it to pieces...

...threaten to pit us against our own children...

...shatter our hearts and hopes...

By the mere second, some days.

Because, motherhood?

It is a sacred calling.

Perhaps, the most sacred of all.

And Satan?

Satan despises sacred.

He despises holy.

He despises anything that involves humbly placing ourselves in a God-given role that requires us to so meekly depend upon our Father for our strength.

Because, deep down, he knows.

He always knows.

He's simply no match for a mother

who arms herself with the strength

of her Heavenly Father above.

Yet, He still tries.


....relentlessly... in... out...

...every breath...

...every heart beat...

...every moment of overflowing

love for our children...

...he still tries... slither in.

Continuously feeding our hearts the same string of relentless lies, day after day...

...we are not good enough for our children...

...they deserve better...

...why can't we keep up with

the mother over there...

...look at how perfectly put together

her life is...

...chicken nuggets for dinner again...

...what a disgraceful blowout you had

with your teenage daughter, again... disrespectful your son acted today... you just are not adding up...

...why on Earth did God choose

you to become a mother...



unbelievable lies.

Yet, there he is.

Always perched.

Always watching.

Waiting-ready to pounce at a moment’s notice, to set us into a tailspin of irritability, exhaustion, and impatience; highlighting our every misstep.

...when the messes overflow...

...when sleep is stolen by a precious baby...

...when the dishes hog the sink...

...when homework is forgotten

on the counter...

...when an accident threatens a set schedule...

...when an anxious mood takes the lead...

...he's ready and waiting.

But, you see, within every single second...every single moment...every single blink-of-an-eye amidst this journey of motherhood, comes an opportunity. An opportunity to choose.

To listen to loud, demeaning, exhausting, bone-shattering lies of the enemy, or to carefully tune into the proud, soul-filling, honey-sweet whispers of our Heavenly Father Above, who understands the exact same kind of exhausted, priceless love.

Because Satan? He wants nothing more than to smother your motherhood experience, each-and-every day.

But, God? He is a life-breather. He is a restorer. He is a healer. He is a gift-giver. A gift-giver of the most beautiful, delicate, undeserving gift of all: grace.

A Father Who loves with the most magnificent type of love. A Father Who breathes deep within your heart strength, courage and a special kind of mighty love; strong and bold enough to evaporate any lie coming your way.

And try as he might,

he is simply no match.

Because, deep down, he knows,

sweet mamas.

He knows that he's simply no match.

For a love as selfless as that of a mother's.

The same exact kind of love God has for each of us.

No amount of evil in his heart can break a love

as incredibly powerful as that.

So, the next time you feel the enemy creep in, seeping hastily into your weary heart, precious mama, simply turn and whisper (or shout),

"Not today, Satan. Not any day. I've got plans with my Father, and my beautiful children that don't involve you. Plans that will never involve you. And by the way, don't get too comfortable. You are standing in my Father's spot."

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