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This year, I vow to lose all the weight...

I have never been one for resolutions.

To be completely honest, I rarely keep up with them.

And truthfully, most of the time, I am just

digging to find some way to better myself

that matters in the eyes of the world,

rather than bettering myself simply for me,

and even more importantly, for God.

In my heart, I believe that if God gave us 365ish days each year, any single one of those is a great day to choose to set a goal and pursue it, heart and soul leading the way.

But, New Year's resolutions? So much pressure. So much accountability. Just so much, wrapped up in one day.

And truth be told, most of us utterly fail within a few short weeks.

But this year?

The year after 2020 and 2021...

The year of 2022...

I have made a resolution

that I have absolutely vowed to keep.

One that I wish my younger self

would have pursued so much more.

This year, I plan to lose the weight.

All the weight.

Every single extra pound...ounce...and gram...that has been dragging me down for the last 30+ years. Every single crumb of indignity that deserves no place along my life's journey. Every particle that has done nothing but slow me down from living my life in the ever-giving goodness of God's grace.

This year, I vow to lose the weight of others' opinions. Because truly? There is only one opinion that matters, and it is not of this world. The only opinion that will matter an eternity from now.

This year, I vow to lose the weight of pleasing people. To gain back the wasted time and effort trying to find my value and worth in the eyes of others, rather than in the One Who handcrafted me from mere dust and knows every single hair on my head, and fiber within my body, heart and soul.

This year, I vow to lose the weight of a guilted-motherhood. To intentionally slow down and fully embrace my own journey, rather than finding myself lost in the seemingly perfect experience of those around me.

This year, I vow to lose all the weight...

...the weight of comparison, jealousy and envy.

...the weight of unnecessary apologies.

...the weight of not being "enough" in the eyes of the world.

...the weight of unrealistic expectations and unnecessary stress.

...the weight of lies, criticism and social media culture.

...the weight of any number that means nothing an eternity from now.

This year, I vow to lose every pound, ounce and gram of the crushing weight of everything that was never mine to carry. And instead, pray to the One Who is always ready to carry our loads, upon His unconditional shoulders, at the mere whisper of our weary hearts.

"Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens." Psalm 68:19

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1 Comment

Jul 30, 2023

Thank you for this profound truth that will free so many from the weight of guilt and burdens they were never meant to carry 💞

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