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The Perfect Kind of Love

There are these days of motherhood. 

The ones that threaten to break you. 

While simultaneously piecing you back together again.

One deep breath at a time.

Days when the trashcan and the kitchen sink are in a neck-to-neck race to see which will overflow first. When the dust bunnies watch in awe of the beauty you’ve inherited amidst your motherhood journey. Days when the vacuum takes a nap, right alongside the new life in your arms.

Days when you realize just what a blessing the messes are.

Because you can't imagine a life without them.

Days when you leave absolutely everything on your to-do list behind, to catch up with the irreplaceable, unconditional love; that refills your weary soul like nothing else in this world. 

Days when the only thing you want to inhale is the smell of your baby’s locks, while you lose yourself completely in the hand-sewn warmth of her embrace; whether fresh and brand-new, or home from college, just needing you.

Days when the bittersweet cries for your devout attention finally force you to slow down and take a moment for yourself as well. A selfless moment you need more than you care to admit; but a moment you all-too-often pass up, because the tugs of life just won't cease.

Days when the only thing that matters is devoting all your attention to the ones that matter


These days when nothing else matters but letting your heart explode and your exhausted body rest. Days when a cup of reheated coffee and a side of God’s unconditional grace are the perfect accompaniment for a divine moment of unexpected refreshment, handmade in Heaven, and placed right within the walls of your exhausted embrace. 

The kind of day that leaves even God Himself speechless at His perfect view, of the perfect kind of love. 

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