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Thank you God, for tomorrow.

Thank you for tomorrow," her gentle four-year-old voice whispered into my ear, as I kissed her good-night.

"Tomorrow, already, sweet girl?"

"Yes, for the bath. Remember, my all-by-myself bubble bath?"

"Ohhhh, yes." I smiled.

Wow, I thought.

"Thank you for tomorrow."

So incredibly simple. The request. And the perspective. But, oh so beautifully golden.

This afternoon, as I snuck her upstairs to her very own bubble bath, and filled the tub with the refreshing smell of lavender; I inhaled everything there was to breathe in during that moment.

Her excitement. Her gratitude. Her tranquility, wrapped in eagerness.

And the perspective that this precious, little girl brought to the forefront of my heart; laced with the most profound reminder.

Gratitude. So simple. So attitude-changing. So uplifting and easy.

How often do we thank God in advance? How often do we thank Him for the very simplest moments of our lives? How often do we slow down enough to even consider either?

Such an incredibly humbling lesson all through a moment in the eyes of a sweet child.

The perfect reminder that sometimes, God uses the tiniest of souls to do His greatest work. Sometimes, God's greatest lessons come from the smallest beings. And, sometimes, God's most faithful beings are half our size.

A beautiful new habit I can't wait to begin. That encompasses one simple phrase. All at the hands of a grateful, growing heart.

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for tomorrow."

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