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Stressed to Blessed

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

When I was younger, probably up through college, I lived my life with very optimistic eyes. My glass was always half-full, and if I thought my water supply was running low…no worries; I always knew the location of the nearest water fountain. Before I knew it, real-world , “grown-up” responsibilities came into play…career, mortgage, managing money, starting a family, etc.  and the optimist inside of me slowly grew into more of a realist. Not quite a pessimist, but I had a greater understanding of reality and how the world really works.

And, over the years, slowly, but surely, I started to always prepare for the “worst” in every situation, instead of enjoying the “best” and the “good” within every new experience. A character-flaw I am working daily (maybe even hourly…) to change. Forcing myself to flip the switch from “stressed” to “blessed” throughout the events that compile each day. When you are able to change your perspective on things, you are able to see the world with an entirely new set of eyes. It doesn’t just happen at the drop of a hat. Nope, nope. I would be lying if I said there weren’t times when I had to talk myself through how I react to a situation to make it seem better than it may be. But, despite being a work in progress, I am happy to share some of the “stressed-to-blessed” moments I am working on the most…


~Instead of being stressed about the mess that my house becomes by the end of each day, I want to instead remember the blessing of children that God has bestowed upon us. A blessing that fills our lives to the brim, and that brings more happiness and laughter than we could have ever imagined.

~Instead of stressing about the creaking door, the weeds that need to be pulled, and the light fixture that needs to be replaced, I want instead to embrace the blessing of having our own house. And all that we have put into it to create a warm and welcoming home for our family.

~Instead of stressing about the preparation leading up to a party with family or friends, and then cleaning up the mess that follows, I want instead to consider the blessing of friendships and close relatives who are always willing to celebrate the “big” moments right along our life’s journey.

~Instead of becoming stressed about the loads of laundry piling up by the end of a long work-week, I would instead like to instead bring to mind the thought and blessing of actually having clothes to wear, when so many in our communities are not sure how they will keep warm through this upcoming winter.

~Instead of being stressed about a sore back and feet, or persistent headache, I want to instead remember that those are very much signs of a productive day, filled with carrying blessings from here-to-there.

~And instead of stressing out about an early-morning alarm clock sounding, and having to pull myself up before the Sun itself, I need to instead bring to mind that simply waking up each morning, being able to start a fresh day, and do the work that was intended for me to do, is the ultimate blessing.


So, for this week, I am grateful for

~having a pumpkin patch all. to. ourselves. And watching pure childhood innocence tear through the orange and green of the field around us. In while remembering the fact that God made dirt (or in this case, mud), and a little dirt doesn’t hurt!

~fall break. This could not have come at a better time. A perfect chance for rest, renewal and running around with little ones.

~my phone. My parents are an unearthly blessing in our lives. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to them for as long as I would like is an incredible Godsend to us. Mommas still need their own mommies, even in their thirties!

~friends. Who swoop in when you least expect it. With a text of encouragement. Or just needing a pep-talk. Living in a world filled with tiny people can at times pull you away from those adult relationships, which are so important in creating and keeping a trustworthy support system around us.

~the reminder that when the going gets rough, and things become increasingly difficult and uncertain, all you need and words. And possibly folded hands. The fact that forgiveness is granted at a moment’s notice, and each second of the day provides opportunity to start fresh.


These are the things for which I am most grateful.

This post is part of ember grey’s “A Grateful Heart” link-up!

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