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A Mother and Her Son: God's Greatest Love Story

I never understood...

I never understood why

she called him so much.

I never understood why she

still wanted to visit him so often,

even after we were married.

I never understood why she

needed to constantly check in,

now that I was taking care of him.

I never understood why she

seemed to hang on so tightly.

I never understood...

...until God gave me a son of my own.

And now, now I completely understand.

I understand why she kept him so close...

I understand why she hugged him longer...

I understand why she called just to hear his voice...

I understand why she worried so much

and always checked in...

I understand why she seemed to hang on so tightly...

Now, I understand why she treated him like such a gift.

Because, truly, a mother-son relationship

is just that--an irreplaceable gift from God.

And only God could write a love story

as beautifully extraordinary as that

between a mother and her son.

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