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Just Ten Minutes

What I wouldn’t give some days for just ten minutes.

Ten minutes of a clean counter.

Ten minutes of an empty sink.

Ten minutes of extra sleep.

Ten minutes of all toys put away.

Ten minutes of an uninterrupted bathroom trip.

Ten minutes of no screaming or arguing.

Ten minutes of time to actually "do" my hair.

Ten minutes of everything clean, neat and tidy.

Ten minutes of time to myself.

Ten minutes of quiet.

Just ten minutes.


The most timelessly beautiful clash of love and chaos.

And, it wasn't until becoming a mama that the messes really poured in. But, it also wasn't until becoming a mama that the kind of love that can embrace the messes also came pouring in.

Because, with each mess, comes a blessing. A blessing that wouldn't otherwise be filling such a huge part of both my life and heart.

A messy counter?

It means bellies were fed, at the heart and hub of our home.

A full sink?

It means the gift of children being present to enjoy meals together with us, each day.

Less sleep?

It means I am extra-needed right now, before a season when my presence won't be so longed for.

Toys everywhere?

It means little babes having fun and not worrying about having to keep everything picked up, in-the-moment.

Bathroom interruptions?

It means that someone really needs his/her mama, in this beautifully-busy season of motherhood.

Sometimes, I feel like I’d give anything for ten more minutes. But then I remember, a time my heart and soul longed for those ten-minute "dreams" more than anything else I’ve ever longed for in my life.

Ten minutes of seeing my own eyes stare back at me.

Ten minutes of being wanted.

Ten minutes of being interrupted.

Ten minutes of my favorite hip-accessory.

Ten minutes of messes, here-and-there.

And everywhere.

Ten minutes.

Momentary wishes, that will never, ever replace, a lifetime full of love.

An un-explainable kind of love, that will always-and-forever trump my wishes, for "just ten minutes".

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