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For every…

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

~For every time you hit your knees, with hopeful prayers to heaven…

~For every moment you held your breath, as yet another month passed by

~For every tear of sorrow and question of “why not me?”

~For every moment of jealousy you hated to let shine through

~For every time you double-checked, because you really couldn’t believe


~For every guilt-filled complaint about the uncomfortable aches and pains

~For every moment you worried, you couldn’t possibly do it all

~For every time in your mind you replayed her arrival, over-and-over again

~For every 1:00-3:00-5:00 A.M. wake-up call, wishing for more sleep

~For every time you zipped her coat to place her in another’s arms


~For every moment you wished to whisper “Mama’s here” and mean it

~For every doctored “boo-boo” and nose wiped

~For every late-night call to the pediatrician

~For every battle with separation, time-after-time-after-time

~For every moment you raised your voice


~For every tantrum, kick and scream

~For every glass of spilled juice and deep-within sigh

~For every drop-off, early on school mornings

~For every bounding leap into your arms

~For every sideline scream to cheer her on


~For every kitchen-table homework battle

~For every time your heart skipped a beat

~For every slammed door

~For every moment filled with worry

~For every ounce of her pain


~For every “It’s going to be okay…”

~For every desire to fly her to the moon

~For every moment you watched her walk away

~For every phone call to check in

~For every hour of overtime, banked to fill her dreams


~For every time you questioned, and she seemed to prove you wrong

~For every time you hit your knees with prayerful eyes to Heaven

~For every moment she took your breath away

~For every wish upon a star

~For every moment you took of yours to give to her


For each-and-every and every-and-all. For no matter what, this day will never again be given back to you. For every moment with her is a gift from above. So, never forget to take the time. To study her through-and-through. To smell her hair. To snap-shot her smile. To hold her tightly to your chest. Her heart beating with yours, in time. To store the memories, for years-and-years to come. For you wish to give her the world. And she wishes to give you her all. But never forget to slow down, sweet mama. And remember just how special she is to you. Because you are her shining star, and she is your dream come true.

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