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Dear Mama: You are Enough

To the mama, who hasn't felt put together in what seems like years...

To the mama, who is struggling to keep her house organized...

To the mama, who feels like she is drowning in the judgment of others...

To the mama, exhausted to her core, but still filled with so much love...

To the mama, who cleans every mirror in the house, but feels ashamed to look up...

To the mama, working tirelessly, just to make ends meet...

To the mama, who hasn't been able to pull herself out of the house in days...

To the mama, locked in her closet, trying to regain control of her tears...

To the mama, who has lost a sense of belonging, anywhere...

To the mama, who can't keep her eyes open once she shovels in a 10:00 PM dinner...

To the mama, who pulls herself up before the sun rises, no matter how much her body screams at her for more rest...

To the mama, who is completely buried in relentless housework...

To the mama, who never hears a kind word or "thank you" in a given day...

To the mama, who has been belittled for her overwhelming exhaustion...

To the mama, who has been shamed by another...

To the mama, who is longing for a tribe of her own...

To the mama, who is feeling completely and utterly alone...

To the mama, who never for once feels like enough...

Beautiful, precious mama...

-no matter what inadequacies your heart holds

-no matter what lies your mind spins

-no matter how exhausted your giving soul feels

You must know, darling mama...

You are enough.

In fact, you are MORE than enough.

You are bountiful.

You are sensitive.

You are the most selfless person you know.

You are ever-giving.

You are a marathon-runner.

You are a sponge.

You are the warmest embrace.

You are the stars.

You are the moon.

You are the light of the world.

You are love, exemplified.

You, beloved mama, are not alone.

Just take a moment to yourself.


Look back.

At just. how. much. you. have. accomplished.

How far you've come.

How much sleep you've lost.

How many times your lips have pressed against their foreheads.

How many diapers you've changed.

How many books you've read, over-and-over-and-over, again.

How many crumbs you've vacuumed.

How many counters you've wiped down.

How many times you've brushed their baby, loose and toothless grins.

How many times you have doctored a boo-boo.

How may homework papers you've signed.

How many times you've unexpectedly run something to school.

How many times you've made a late-night run.

Somewhere. For something.

How many trips to the doctor.

How many meals you have prepared.

How many times you have simply listened.

How many loads of laundry.

How many stains you've made disappear.

How many times you have tied his shoes.

How many times you have brushed her hair.

How many times you have wrapped a present.

How many beds you've made.

How many stuffies you've mended.

How many hearts you've put back together again.

How many tears you've wiped.

How many toys you've replaced.

How many nighttime stories you've retold.

How many sports practices, scrimmages and games you've attended.

How many times you have packed a lunch.

How many field trips you have chaperoned.

How many songs you have sung.

How many words of encouragement you have whispered and screamed.

How many times you have given of yourself.

How many days you have given it your absolute "all".

How many times you have multiplied your love. Your heart. Your soul.

Sweet mama, we are each in the thick of our own seasons.

Some, brutally harder than others.

Some, the best ever.

Some, full of heartache and sadness.

Some, full of laughter, fun and rest.

But, in each and every moment of pure exhaustion, when those floodgates of doubt open once more, and the feelings of not being enough come pouring back in...

Promise yourself something, incredible mamas.

Take a minute to go find those precious babes.

Look up, or look down.

Look straight into their eyes.

And remember this:

Even when they are mad, they love you.

Even when the days feel like an unaccomplished eternity, they adore you.

Even when you feel like all you do goes unnoticed, they notice you.

Even when you feel like the absolute greatest failure, they cherish you.

Simply look into those growing eyes.

Grab those one-of-a-kind, handcrafted fingers.

Wrap your arms tightly around their sprouting frames.

Sit down, and open your ears to their precious worlds and words.

And inhale.

Just. how. much. they. idolize. YOU.

Their mama.

Their protector.

Their safe-haven.

Their absolutely everything-right-in-this-world.

And know, amazing mama...absorb and remember...that in their eyes, you are completely perfect. You are their world.

And you are far MORE than "enough".

You, darling mama, are THE greatest "thing" that matters in their growing worlds. And that, by far, trumps everything else tugging at your weary-mama heart.

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