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Currently/Weekend Wrap-Up

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

This week of writing has warmed my heart in so many ways. I have received several emails and comments from other amazing bloggers wanting to share some of my most recent posts. Which is not only one of my favorite things about blogging, but also just an incredible feeling in-and-of-itself.

The weekends are when I am finding the most time to write quick drafts of upcoming posts for the week, but I thought Saturdays (as they allow) would also be a great day to recap some great posts, written by other fabulous bloggers, from the past week, as well as to create a weekly “currently” post. So that my sweet readers can have a glimpse into my personal life, away from writing. Here we go with week number one…


Loving//: Early-morning snuggles with Monkey

Reading//: Love, Skip, Jump (Wow, does this book call to my heart!)

Learning//: People-pleasing is energy-draining

Planning//: Some changes with the look of the blog; always a work-in-progress

Encouraged by//: The incredible communities of faith-filled blogging women

Wishing//: Baby Nugget would slow down! 20 months old and had her first potty session

Favorite Blog Posts from the Week:

Anne from Love the Here and Now, posting about her top five Facebook pet peeves. Social media has its pros and cons, and Anne does a great job highlighting some of its disadvantages.

Emily from ember grey, posting about an annual football family tradition with her father. Such a sweet and great reminder of what to be thankful for, as the holidays approach.

Erica from Why Let Lead, sharing a favorite holiday tradition: making peppermint ice cream. My little girls’ favorite!! Such an easy recipe and so much fun.

ice cream

Sarita from it’s my girls world, posting about teaching her daughters the importance of inner beauty. Something I hold very dear to my own heart with three sweet girls of my own. Beautiful post!


Melissa from The Rambling Lllama, posting about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, with a post-baby body, in the midst of caring for her children. A great read for any momma trying to create a good balance between work, fitness and family!


Blessings to each of you for a warm weekend ahead!

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