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Currently/Weekend Wrap-Up

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Hopefully everyone reading this morning is recovering from the past few days of overindulging and staying up late (or super early) to grab the best deals around town! Today marks week number three of giving my sweet readers  a glimpse into my personal life, away from writing, through my “Currently” post, as well as sharing my favorite pieces from other writers during the week. So, here we go!


Loving//: Leftovers…enough said.

Reading//: The Best Yes (about 1/3 of the way through…not sure I will finish this weekend!!)

Learning//: How so totally different each of our girls are, and our approach to parenting each as well

Planning//: The big arrival of one Mr. Ollie, Elf-on-the-Shelf extraordinaire

Encouraged by//: Reading posts that encourage me to further share my battle with anxiety

Wishing//: That our three girls don’t express too much desire to fly through the next four weeks…I love all that encompasses the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and want to enjoy every. single. moment. with them

Favorite Blog Posts from the Week:

Chelsea from The Contented Wife Blog, posting about the being most especially thankful for motherhood, above all else. Not only being thankful, but making a conscious effort to be “present” when other demands or wants and tugging at her attention. Gracious reminder!

Playing Farm

Rachel Ann from It’s a Good Life, posting about how, embedded in world filled with complicated and chaos, God presents Himself (and His opportunities for us) to be just the opposite…uncomplicated and good at all times. This was the perfect post this week…that when life may seem so totally imperfect, God is still the epitome of perfection and everlasting goodness. Beautiful!


Erica from Why, Let, Lead, posting about how breakfast is becoming the “new family dinner”. I can so totally relate. My husband’s hours are more conducive to spending quality time together as an entire family in the morning versus the evening. Many times, he is around more for the girls’ waking up and eat breakfast than for eating dinner and going to bed. This post works. For our family, most especially!


Sarita from it’s my girls’ world, sharing a delicious, thick-and-creamy hot chocolate recipe. Homemade. My girls would l.o.v.e. this. I am not a coffee drinker, but hot chocolate, ummm, yes please! Looks wonderful.


Melissa from the Rambling Llama, whose post was part of an ongoing link-up, helping her and other bloggers to rediscover the little things about themselves, one post at time. Oh what a blast from the past! From glitter gel eye shadow to platform shoes and chokers…just a really fun (and funny) read! 


Madison from Wetherills Say I Do, posting about why she is so grateful for the warmth that surrounds the blogging community. This is a great read for my wonderful blogging friends. Madison is amazing, with a series of incredible blogging tips for newbies and pros, alike!


Anne from Love the Here and Now, posting about how to survive Black Friday shopping, with a list, shopping buddy, game plan and caffeine. Great tips to get going and stay organized through the chaos of the holiday season!


Jenni from Frankly My Dear, posting about her Thanksgiving traditions, which included b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. scripture. Wonderful reminder for all Christians about letting God fully into our lives in order to truly reach the potential in life that He has planned for us. Loved this read!


 Once again, I wish you blessings for a fulfilled week ahead, sweet friends!

Thank you for stopping by! xoxo

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