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Brand-New Ending

There are days when we feel as though the weight of the world is a pressing force on our shoulders. Or when anxieties and fears overwhelm our thoughts and actions. When haunting memories in our past attempt to creep in, in an attempt to control and limit our future.

Days when the shattered pieces of yesterday seem impossible to puzzle back together. Moments when we want nothing more than to give up. When we feel hopeless. And lost. Not sure where to venture next.

One of the most amazing gifts God has granted us in life is a new day. The ability to start over. To begin anew. God never denies us new beginnings or second chances. Instead, He gives us time. The chance to use each day as a fresh start. And to use each night to fill our dreams with hope.

For me, letting go has been a struggle. Letting someone else have the reigns. Not just anyone. The One. And the more I realize that once I relinquish all control of my life into His hands, the more fulfilled my life will be, the more desire builds inside to begin each new day, with a fresh spirit and attitude.

A belief. That He will guide us through in the rest of our lives on an incredible path. One meant just for us. Something magnificent. Unimaginable.

But I know, this will only ever be a possibility, if I let go of the steering wheel, allow the past to blow away with the wind, and envelope the fact that each day is a new beginning, and with each morning sunrise comes the God-given opportunity to start over again.

The first day of our new life. Created by the most incredible artist conceivable. Who never fails us in providing our next step toward a brand-new ending.

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