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"Be Still, and Know that I am God"

"Be still, and know that I am God."

Be still.

Could we ever have imagined just how much truth these words would hold for the entirety of the world, at one time?

Be still.

The hardest thing on Earth for such a social, on-the-move, humankind.

Yet, such soothing, reassuring wisdom to inhale. If we could only halt our fear and panic long enough to actually take a deep breathe. And heed such incredible wisdom.

Be still. And inhale those daily blessings.

Be still. And cease any unkindness.

Be still. And check on thy neighbor.

Be still. And reread My words.

Be still. And lean not on your own understanding.

Be still. And reconnect with Me once again.

Be still. And don’t stress about the battle ahead.

Be still. And don’t let the enemy’s distractions take hold.

Be still. And step out of my way.

Be still. And let Me go to work.

Be still. And fall into the true simplicity of the season.

Be still. And let My grace carry you through.

The time has come.

Time to rest. Time to refresh. Time to protect. Time to put down our armor, and hand over our worldly battle to Him.

The time has come. To simply be still.

And place our stronghold and refuge in the One Who has the power to restore and rebuild us, once more.

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