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A Mama Just Needs a Minute...

A mama stays up late to set it all down...

Ask just about any mama, and she’ll tell you—even if she falls asleep sitting up on the couch within three minutes of watching her favorite Netflix show—she just needs a minute.

She needs a minute to set down the load she’s been carrying all day long.

She needs a minute to unwind her spinning mind and decompress from the activity of the day behind.

She needs a minute to rest her legs—feeling like complete Jello from the marathon she just ran for the last 18 hours.

She needs a minute to rest and care for her hands—cracked, worn and weary, from carrying, washing, cleaning and preparing.

She needs a minute without hearing an argument, crying or talking back.

She needs a minute to enjoy her own snack—her own meal—her own favorite treat—alone.

She needs a minute to wind herself back down from repeated bedtime battles and extra cups of water and bathroom trips.

She needs a minute to forgive herself from her missteps and prepare her weary hands to lace up her boots at the dawn's new rising, and the start of a fresh day.

She needs a minute to whisper her thanks, wipe away her tears, count her blessings, say her prayers and prop up her feet--ready to battle the enemy, once more--at the day’s starting line.

She needs a minute to unwrap the most undeserving gift that’s been sitting right in front of her all day long, but that she didn’t allow herself yet to open—the beautiful goodness of her Heavenly Father’s undeserved grace.

She just needs a minute of absolute peace and quiet—to herself.

And even if that minute lasted exactly just that long, she needs it. She’ll take it. And she’ll appreciate it with her entire being.

Because, at the end of the day, a mama just plain-and-simply needs a minute.

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