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A Little Girl

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

In our house lives a little girl. A mighty soul in a tiny package. A fierce leader who can’t help but grit her teeth. A tiny trailblazer whom some might label as stubborn. Obstinate. B.o.s.s.y. A breaks-the-mold kind of gal who climbs up the slide backwards. Whose high-fives hit your hand like a professional’s fast-ball. Who dances with vigor to “Bad to the Bone“. Who persists in her requests until she is blue-in-the-face (or until she lands herself in yet another timeout). A boundary-pusher. A petite pioneer.

In our house lives a little girl. A little girl with executive leadership skills. A born kingpin. At three years old. I have no. doubt. in. my. mind. that this little girl is destined to accomplish out-of-this-world feats. Hammer hanging out of her back pocket, ready to shatter the glass ceiling (or knowing her, her heels will do just fine). You see, this little girl is extremely fragile. Not physically (trying to hold back the chuckles). Nope. She is of brute strength. Her frailness comes from her need for guidance. And a lot of it. Because, without proper support, the risk of watching her fall into our “norms” that society has put into place for girls, will only escalate (whole other soapbox there…). And in no. way. is. she. an. ordinary. girl.

In many ways, this little fireball is completely opposite of me. She is…






But, on the other hand, this little girl is very much like me. She is…


~a natural student

~an artist

~a competitor

~a finisher

I have worked with children for almost 19 years. And after all that time, I have no one child in mind to which I can compare her. There is no playbook written for a child like her. She is writing her story as we go. And that is one crazy mess of amazing and scary all wrapped into one grand adventure.

In my mind, I envision her…

~standing up for those too fearful to stand up for themselves

~showing the boys that girls are powerful competitors

~leading her school as council president

~owning her own courtroom

~becoming a Fortune 500 CEO

~running for political office

But, without the most precise counseling for this impressionable piece of clay, she will never break the mold. And that’s just not okay by me. So, day after day, I offer my prayers to God. Thanking Him for placing such a magnificent being into our lives and for blessing us with the job of directing her to an incredible destiny. And in addition to my prayers of thanks, I plan to ask, each and every day, for His most precise wisdom and assistance.

Because this little girl is most definitely intended to become an extraordinary woman.

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