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Wanna know a secret?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Do you wanna know a secret? Because I have one to confess

I love blogging. (Nope, that’s not it.) I love sharing my writing with others, and I actually feel like a pretty good writer. (Still not it.) I am way more apprehensive to share what I write with the closest people in my life than with people I have never met face to face. (There you have it!!) It’s true. I am ready to go even more social with the blog, but when I write something and share it, I always wonder what those closest to me think. Don’t get me wrong; everyone has been beyond supportive, encouraging and kind about what I write. It’s just an intimidating feeling to write about some very personal experiences, share them with the world and then look at some of your readers/followers face-to-face each day, wondering what they think.

One of my most beloved moments as a blogger…I had shared a post with some of my closest friends…Motherhood Battlefield; one of my favorite pieces that I have written. Within minutes of sharing it with them, one of my friends posted it on Facebook. Best feeling in the world. Within the weeks following, I shared it with a close friend who was working to juggle all the crazy loveliness of having a newborn with helping her two sweet girls who are in school. She also decided to share the post on Facebook. Again…such an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. feeling. Watching the comments pile up and the “likes” from some great friends brought such a warm feeling to my heart. Those were the moments when I felt totally encompassed within my purpose as a writer. To share something with others, that they would relate to in such a way, or enjoy so much, that they would continue sharing it with others.

My favorite part of writing/blogging? Hearing from others! Whether it be through comments, emails, personal messages or more, I love it. The little notes thanking me for sharing, knowing that they can relate to someone else with a personal struggle, such as anxiety or depression. The “I loved that post” from a good friend! Words of encouragement and praise are my a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e. favorite part.


I am working on the courage to create a Facebook page. Because, if I ever hope to pursue an active career in writing, which was my original goal and intent when starting college (journalist/English), I have to feel self-assured enough in myself to share my writing with the world. I feel very confident in my writing. I just need to muster up the courage to push far aside the concerns of whether or not others will enjoy or relate to what I am writing. Those who do will continue to follow, and those who don’t won’t. I can’t please the world. And as much as I might want, I can’t make the whole world love me or what I write. But I can work on pushing through those fears about judgment. Because I know, as long as I am writing with good intent, and it is purposeful and meaningful, it will reach those who it is meant to reach, and I will feel blessed and happy in the process. I love writing, and it’s something I definitely plan to continue doing.


So, friends, please don’t be shy! Leave some lovin’, some comments! They m.a.k.e. my day;)

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