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To the Homeschooling Mama: the Quiet, Unsung Hero

I never thought I’d be a homeschooling mom. For twelve years, I got up and was ready to be out the door and in a classroom as an elementary teacher.

To be honest, I had a preconception about homeschooling. I lived life, and pursued my career as an educator, in a classroom, and thought there was no place better for our children to be.

But, wow was I wrong.




And totally wrong.

Because after a dozen years as a classroom teacher, day in and day out, I have fallen in love with homeschooling.

A day centered around our faith.

It’s teaching about self-esteem. And reading the Bible. Memorizing scripture. And observing learning styles.

It's absorbing endless giggles.

And pushing through tears in exhausted victory.

It's creating our own personal schedule that works best for our family.

And a "The Floor is Lava" dance break after a brutal fifth grade math lesson.

It's cookies-and-milk reading goal celebrations.

And middle-of-the-day borrowed kisses and hugs.

It's kitchen island lunch and tween-talk.

And surprise snacks to refuel our minds and bodies.

It's an unexpected outdoor science lesson with a renegade turtle.

And hot cocoa and Christmas cookies, reading a new novel by a winter window view.

It's working hard to finish early.

And staying late because we’ve fallen in love with a story we are writing.

All with God as our centerpiece.

It’s an act of love.






To all the mamas who think the classroom is the only choice imaginable--our school buildings are absolutely amazing learning environments--and I know all too well, because of personal experience. But after a year we never expected, perhaps our greatest lesson of all is to open our hearts to push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

And homeschooling?

Never a thought in my head--or so very many of our minds.

But now, it has become an experience that will always hold an incredibly special place in so many of our mama-hearts.

Homeschooling Mamas,You are the quiet, everyday unsung heroes, selflessly sacrificing yet another piece of yourself to further support your children’s education, all in the name of unconditional love. You deserve all the overdue recognition, you rarely receive.

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