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Thirty-One Days…

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

If you have been following along with my blog for even the past month, you might remember that I had set a January goal to write down the “happiest” moment of each day. Although there were a few days sprinkled about that were forgotten, I really tried hard to bring awareness to the “fun” times surrounding me, so that I would have a collection of special memories to reflect upon at the end of each month, and hopefully, at the end of the year.

And so, without further ado, here are January’s “Thirty-One Days” of Happiness:

January 1st: Noon New Year’s countdown with the girls, sparkling white grape juice and confetti in hand

January 2nd: Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s; reunited after two weeks of not seeing one another!

January 3rd: Snuggle time after catching up on lesson plans

January 4th: Buying a few beautiful pieces of jewelry for some very special upcoming birthdays

 January 5th: An amazing husband willing to stay home with a sick Baby Nugget and the other girls

Thirty One Days10

January 6th: First day back; girls did just fine adjusting, and I received lots of hugs from my first-graders

January 7th: Made it with all three girls to the pediatrician’s office to get Baby Nugget checked out, on the coldest day of the last year (-25 degrees!!), the girls did great, gave the doctor a picture, and she personally walked us to the front to get everyone a sticker!

January 8th: Baby Nugget finally feeling better!

January 9th: Having an amazing sister-in-law take care of all three girls, along with our niece, (her daughter), who had just had a tonsillectomy, so that I did not have to miss work

January 10th: Miss Observant reading her book to me!!!

Thirty One Days5

January 11th: Watching our home-team win with Daddy home!

January 12th: Okay, technically this was super early in the morning on January 13th, but receiving an extremely touching email from Emily (ember grey) about a post I had shared…definitely needed her words just as much as she needed mine!

January 13th: Seeing Monkey fall asleep in her car seat, just minutes from leaving preschool

January 14th: Monkey counting to 10 on her own, 20 with our help!!

January 15th: Games of “Peak-a-Boo” and huge giggles from Baby Nugget

Thirty One Days4

January 16th: Making it to Friday; enough said!

January 17th: Making “Olaf” before Daddy pulled the girls around like crazy on the only strip of snow left in our backyard

January 18th: Creating melted-bead crafts with the girls…loved this!!

January 19th: Being able to stay home with my family, husband included, especially being able to be home with one sick, little Monkey

January 20th: Receiving a very sweet and encouraging emails from one of my student’s moms

Thirty One Days2

January 21st: Having an incredible husband, who stayed home once again with our girls, especially Miss O, so that I could spend the 100th day of school with my class

January 22nd: Miss O feeling better (thank goodness!!!)

January 23rd: Waking up to a morning of finally catching up on some serious lost sleep

January 24th: Seeing the girls’ reactions when we surprised them with last-minute “Disney on Ice” tickets!!

January 25th: Watching the girls’ expressions while watching Disney on Ice! I am not sure what was the best: finding out they were going, seeing the “big buildings” on our ride downtown, riding the escalator or actually watching the show!!

Thirty One Days8

January 26th: Morning cuddles with our sweet babes after holding our breath that everyone would start to feel better

January 27th: Having an amazing co-teacher and students this year, who helped me through the day at school with a very sore back

January 28th: Exchanging some funny texts with my little sister, ready to bring our niece into the world

January 29th: Having Baby Nugget “get ready” with me while standing on the step-stool in the restroom

January 30th: Listening to the excitement from the girls, as they told me about making “Valentine’s Day” boxes at Grandma and Grandpa’s house! 

January 31st: Listening to the girls sing “Happy Birthday” to the very best grandpa in the world

Thirty One Days3

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey
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