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The Messes Make Us Whole

Oh, some days I think the sound will absolutely do me in.

The gritty crunch and crack. The dozens of crushed pieces. Underfoot and everywhere following. The huffing and puffing, on my way to the vacuum, again.

Oh, some days, I think the sound will absolutely do me in.

Until I day? The sound will be gone.

One day? Silence will replace the crunch.

One day? My ears will do just about anything to hear those sounds again.

Until one day, I am walking through empty hallways, lump in my throat...

Until one day, I am washing dinner dishes, only two at a time...

Until one day, I am putting away leftovers, for the rest of the week...

Until one day, I am folding just one load of laundry, as the mountain before me is finally gone...

Until one day, a bowl of cereal drops, and the echo of nothingness leaves an empty hole in my heart.

Until one day, I find myself standing alone in my kitchen.

A single box of Cheerios. Hand full. Heart empty. Ready to toss them all over the floor and crunch them up myself, just to crack open the flood of memories to refill my hollow heart, once more.

Oh, sometimes that sound feels like it might break me.

But the real truth? The sound is exactly what makes me...

Whole. Joyful. Full. And blessed. So immensely blessed.

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