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The Light that Never Leaves Us

It’s a little harder to find it this year, isn’t it?

A little harder to find it amidst the thickened darkness.

A little harder to see its light.

A little fainter.

A little hazier.

A little dimmer.

A little dimmer.

A little hazier.

A little fainter.

A little harder to see.

Yet, still it remains.

It's light never dims.

It never becomes faint.

It never dulls its glow.

There are moments in life, when it may seem like the light it puts forth cannot be seen, but the truth is, so very often, our circumstances are what blind us to its glow.

For, in those moments when life simply hurts so much, that we feel as though we simply cannot breathe; we can still hold firm to the light that Christ heals all wounds.

In those moments when expectations overwhelm us, and life leaves us running on empty; we can still cling tightly to the truth that Christ is our resting place.

In those moments when we don't feel invited, accepted or acceptable; like Zaccheus, high up in the tree, hiding from the world, but yearning for His goodness, we can still grasp wearily to the promise that Christ sees us in our tangled branches.

In those moments of shame and embarrassment, when grace simply doesn't feel deserved, and we are left feeling far from "enough", we can still undeservingly take hold of the vow that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ's image.

For, so very often, it is within the deepest darkness in our lives, that we see the greatest light. The star above the manger, that has never for once changed.

And when we make the Light of the World the center of our lives, no matter how hard the darkness tries, it simply cannot extinguish His glow. Ever.

Because, just as the North Star guides us to Jesus; He, in-turn leads us northward and upward to God, our Father. And, for as long as you believe and have faith in Him, you can trust that His light will always-and-forever be there for you. No matter how dark life may seem.

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)

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