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Ten Awesome Things: February

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Good morning, sweet friends! Today, I am linking up with one of my good blogger friends, Anne, from Love the Here Now, to share some of my most favorite (and awesome) things for the month of February. Ten, to be exact! I absolutely loved writing this post in January. (Not my favorite month, to say the least.) It was the perfect reminder of the beauty and magnificence that fills our day-to-day lives. To highlight some of the best things in my life at this moment (or any moment, truly) is such a great practice.


In no particular order, here are February’s “Ten Most Awesome Things”…

1. Valentine’s Day! Yes, maybe it is another “Hallmark” day, but honestly, it comes at a time of year where many of us are in a rut and can use such a sweet reminder to share a little love with others. I can’t wait to spend this day with my girls and shower them (and my husband, and our biggest baby) with a whole lot of love!


2. Winter Days warm enough for wagon rides, bicycle adventures, sidewalk chalk and princess bubbles. L.o.v.e. the fresh air.

3. Hot tea and dark, mint chocolate. Enough said.


4. Super Bowl Sunday nachos. Tostito chips…sour cream…cheese…olives. Ummmm, yes please. My downfall, by far.

5. “This-is-for-you, Mommy” pictures. First thing in the morning. When all I want to do is stay home and cuddle. But once again caught in the rhythym of rush to make it out the door on time. Oh, what a beautiful gift to receive.


6. Relief from lower back pain, even if temporary. Oh, friends. If you have ever suffered from sciatica nerve pain (pregnancy or not), a slipped disc or other; you know just how debilitating it is. I have been working day-in-and-day out with previous physical therapy exercises to strengthen my back and core. To stretch and push myself. And finally, I am getting some much-prayed-for relief. A previous slipped disc. Fractured tailbone with Miss O’s birth. Three babies and deliveries. My back has been through a lot. And I know this will be my nemesis for a long time to come.

7. Prayers at sunset, while taking a walk, on a sweatshirt-only-needed kind of winter evening. Even if it was in our front yard. Circling around-and-around again. The colors were gorgeous. The air was fresh. Absolutely perfect.


8. The arrival of my beautiful new niece.

9.  Baby Nugget’s upcoming second birthday. She was my baby I thought would arrive a month early. But she didn’t. She was my baby who arrived during a very bitter-sweet week for my family (post to come). She is my sunshine. My dancing queen. My daily dose of comedy. My favorite hip accessory. She is mine. And I love her to my core.


10. Blogging. Such an incredible outlet for me. One of my favorite things to do each day (or every-other-day), as time permits. Moreover, the community I have found within this amazing adventure. (Thank you, sweet friends!!) So happy to be just seven weeks away from my one-year anniversary with restarting my blog!

What about you? If you have to list the first ten incredible things that come to mind right now, what would they be? I’d love to hear more about them! xoxo

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