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Ten Awesome Things: April

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Good morning, sweet friends! Today, I am linking up with one of my beautiful blogger friends, Anne, from Love the Here Now, to share some of my most favorite (and awesome) things for the month of April. Ten, to be exact! I have fallen in love with writing these posts. Just the perfect reminder of the beauty and magnificence that fills our day-to-day lives. To highlight some of the best things in my life at this moment (or any moment, truly) is such a great practice.

Ten Awesome Things1

In no particular order, here are April’s “Ten Most Awesome Things”…

1. Easter. Need I say more? Beautiful weather. Spring (finally!!!).  Celebrating one of the most important testaments of our faith. Egg-hunting. Never-ending-chocolate-candy-eat. Outside-for-hours-family-fun. Perfect.

2. Fresh buds. Shiny green stems peaking out from the ground, after months-upon-months of hiding out from Old Man Winter. New life. Gorgeous colors. All brought-to-life with God’s incredible paintbrush.


3. Nutella. On a spoon. On apple slices. On strawberries. On baby faces. C.a.n.n.o.t. get enough. Obsessed.

4. Little girl drawings. Seriously. I am in awe. I love their creativity. Even when they get crazy-silly! And poop is involved. Love it all. (And can I say…glitter everything is now available…even as an approaching-mid-30’s momma…glitter pens, chalk, playdough….ummmm; awesome!)

5. Having such an incredible support system around us at all times. So many people willing to help. And step in. Offer words of comfort. Wisdom. It always means the world.

April Ten Awesome Things3

6. Weather above 50 degrees. I will take it. Considering just six weeks ago, we were below freezing, rain-clouds-or-shine, spring is more than welcome this year.

7. Shark Rocket. Oh, this vacuum. How did we not meet sooner? Three little, creative girls. One big-old-can’t-stop-the-droolin’, mud-on-his-paws furry man. I ordered it about a month ago. Put it together last week. A dream-come-true for this clean-freak momma.

AprilTen Awesome Things2

8. Dreams. Pushing your boundaries. Chasing after those childhood aspirations. As an adult. Grabbing hold of them tightly. And not letting go.

9. My new prayer box. If you were able to read my most recent “Meaningful Moments” post, you can see exactly why this was so special to me.  Faith. That God will never let go of our hands. Ever. And that He will lead us even more lovingly when we put our full trust in Him to follow wherever He takes us on our journey. This: “You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need…” (Philippians 4:19)

April Ten Awesome Things6

10.  Having Miss O be able to recite the Easter story. “Let me tell it, Mommy!” (Trying to hush my inner-teacherness). In a.w.e., constantly.

What about you? If you have to list the first ten incredible things that come to mind right now, what would they be? I’d love to hear more about them! xoxo

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