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Taking a Moment

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Have you every truly thought about what kind of influence you have on others around you? Have you ever really stopped to think about what taking one, five or even ten minutes out of your day to reach out to someone else might do for that person? What kind of impact it might make on a relationship, situation or life-changing decision in someone else’s life? How a sweet comment left on a Facebook post could turn around a sour day. Or how sending an email invitation to an upcoming holiday get-together could reconnect you with a good friend separated only by the business of day-to-day life.


Ever since I was little, the one award that I was always the MOST proud of receiving at a school ceremony was “Most Christian Girl” (or student) award. That meant more to me than any Math award, sports award or scholarship award could ever mean. Because an award like that lets you know that others around you perceive you as someone who will genuinely “take a moment” to step in and be a good friend. Offer a listening ear. Bring over a freshly-cooked meal. Extend a warm embrace. Share sweet words of wisdom. Pass the tissue box after an emotionally-draining workday. Send an “I’m here If you need me…” note.

I can think of eXaCt moments when someone has reached out in one of these way to me. They are embedded in my memory like fossils deep within the layers of our Earth. As someone who loves to give to others in whatever way that I can, being on the tail-end of the offerings is a humbling experience in-and-of itself. Some of those were surprises that I would have never expected from people I would have never expected to receive anything from. Others were from amazing people who spend every moment of their waking day doing for others. It really does not matter. What matters is just taking a moment.

Taking a moment to put differences aside. Taking a moment to touch base with a long-lost friend. Taking a moment to make a phone call to a family member. Taking a moment to stay after school to talk to a tearful coworker about her day. Taking a moment to provide a bag of baby clothing to a new mother. Taking a moment to invite someone new into your circle of friends. Taking a moment to invite someone to church, who knows God is there, but is scared to walk into His house alone.

What matters is just taking that ten minutes, five minutes or single moment to reach out to another in love. And when you do take that moment…no one else has no know. God loves it when we humble ourselves to the point of doing something out of grace and kindness versus out of recognition and want. What a different place our world would be…

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