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Strong. Weary. Woman.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Strong. Weary. Woman.

Do you know one? Don’t think so?! Look around again. She is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

~holding down a job while supporting her family ~at home, spending every waking minute tending to her child(ren) ~career-driven, giving-it-her-all, yet not sure the effort is worth the exhaustion ~newly-expectant, experiencing the joys and worries of motherhood for the first time ~widowed and lonely ~elderly, with a beautiful past, but a fading memory

Strong. Weary. Woman. She bears the weight of the world on her shoulders, accepting the full encumbrance of its crushing force, and yet still willing to take on more. The kind of lady who can’t help but blurt, “Yes!”, when everything within her screams “No!”. Whose plate is heaping to the sky, split-down-the-middle, and still, she manages to squeeze in room for anything requested of those around her, because in their eyes, she. can. handle. it.

Strong. Weary. Woman. Does v.e.r.y. little for herself. Because she spends her life putting others first. Always. Wears her heart on her shoulder (or, buries it deep within, enclosing her feelings like a turtle, hidden deep within its shell). Considers herself last. At all times. Doesn’t ask for help when she needs it more than anyone.

But every once in a while, that very same woman, the one who moves through life like a locomotive, chugging along day after day,

Every. great. once. in. a. while., even she…

~gets tired ~feels exhausted ~hurts (badly) ~gets sick ~loses it ~yells; screams ~slows down ~quits ~questions it all

Every. great. once. in. a. while., even she…

~needs a nap ~needs a friend ~needs some super glue ~needs to take herself to the doctor ~needs a housekeeper ~needs a home-cooked meal ~needs a day off ~needs some answers

God made women to be delicate. To handle life with both their heads and their hearts. He made them to be strong. Fulfilling the constant demands of life and sacrificing their own bodies to do so. God created women to be the most powerful beings on Earth. Complicated, yet simple. Strong, yet weak. Ambitious, yet weary.

Strong. Weary. Woman. You are the shining stars. The angels in our daily lives. For you are the pillars, holding steady the kingdom of God, amongst His people here on Earth. So, I ask you again…do you know one? Are YOU one? Have you helped one? Have you prayed for one? For it is in all their giving, that this mighty, humble woman will later receive. With abundance and prosperity, in blessings richer than one could ever imagine or hope to obtain.

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