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Staying in Stride with God

Sometimes, I leave God in the dust.

Sometimes, the childlike excitement of life surges through my veins, and I bound ahead.

Sometimes, my stubborn human heart simply thinks I know a better way.

Sometimes, life leaves me running across such a beautiful, tranquil flat-land, that I just can't help myself. Running, full-speed ahead, arms in the air, looking back at my Father and yelling: "Isn't this amazing, God? How fun is this? Why aren't you catching up to me?!”

"Why aren't you catching up to ME?" He calls up to me. "My Child, have you forgotten Who sets the pace in your life? Have you forgotten Who knows the plans? Have you forgotten Whose plans are to make you happy and prosper?"

And then it happens. Every. single. time.

The peaceful, jubilant, soul-filling running comes to a halt. And, there I wait once again. With a mountain before me. A broken bridge with no place to cross. Thundering waters far too deep to swim. A lion roaring, teeth glimmering, ready for a meal.

"A little too far ahead again, huh, Daughter?" He finally whispers, as I sheepishly look down.

"We were moving through life at such a nice pace. It was so beautiful. It was so enjoyable. It was so..."

" was so YOURS." He nudges with a little extra tough love.

"Can you imagine, Sweet Child... ...if you trusted me with MY pace? ...if you trusted me with MY plans? ...if you could simply relinquish control back to ME?

Can you imagine just how much more wonderful blessings I have in-store for you. Your human heart will always think it knows better. But, it's just not capable of dreaming up the goodness and beautiful glory I have in-store for you."

So very often, I run, looking behind to see if He’s keeping up. But, God? We simply do not deserve His endless grace and patience that abounds, as He continuously reigns us back in with His gentle, merciful voice:

“My Dear Child, Always remember: breath at a time... moment at a time... step at a time... prayer at a time... to stay in-stride with Me.

For I know your plans. I hold your hope. I promise your future."

(Jeremiah 29:11)

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