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Sometimes, being a mama means taking a lifeboat ride on the ever-giving waves of God's grace...

Sometimes, being a mama means not wanting to do one more thing.

It means passing up a sink full of dishes, over and over, and over again--because, you just simply can't.

It means movies and iPads all day, because you spent yesterday making all the memories

possible, and you are just plain exhausted.

It means ignoring the dust bunnies and laundry mountain to tackle the mound of chocolate you have hidden in your kitchen pantry.

It means listening to all sides, but still ignoring the argument.

It means saying "no" to all the world says you should be doing and achieving, and instead, saying "yes" to resting in His name.

It means hitting your knees and humbly begging for strength--a strength you know can only grow in quietly admitting your weakness.

Above all, it means that no matter how unbelievably hard or easy the day is--and no matter whether you totally fail, or completely rock your day--God’s love is forever unshakeable.

Because, sometimes?

Sometimes, being a mama simply means taking a lifeboat ride on the ever-giving waves of God's unconditional grace, all while quietly praying and holding on, for a new tomorrow.

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