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Updated: Jul 27, 2020


One crazy lifelong adventure.

Of only the most iNsPiRiNg kind.

Beginning with baby dolls. Pretend play. Hobbling around hand-in-hand in Mom’s shiny high-heels. Spiraling into hours-upon-hours of Barbie escapades. And impromptu sleepless slumber partiesA few feet next door. Just far enough away to still sneak back before any signs of being caught. Swiftly rolling into the never-ending commencement of clothes-stealing swapping. Sports competitions. Prom-dress-shopping. College visiting. Leading unceasingly into bachelorette-party-planning. Tearful wedding toasts. Baby shower anticipation.


Sisterhood is a journey like no other. A bond that cannot be broken. But when damaged, requires the most intricate care to heal. Filled with inside jokes. Quiet quarrels. Followed by only the most meaningful of “I’m sorry’s”. Tearful embraces. And the very earliest of “congratulations” when the blessings and grace come pouring in.

Simply, unbreakable.


Sisterhood is…

~surviving the chili-bowl haircut for yEaRs, with the support of two other victims in-toe

~secret night excursions in the room next door, admiring the ceiling speckled with glowing stars, muffling the belly-bouncing giggles

~crawling out of bed at 3:00 A.M. to sleep by the sparkling tree on Christmas morning, quietly investigating the piles of gifts scattered about

~broken-window confessions, together

~top-secret codes that no one else can decrypt

~late-night front-yard kickball games by the dwindling light of the moon

~sugar-induced uncontrollable laughter after hours of licking rainbows of holiday cookie icing

~slammed doors, after she pushed your buttons, like no one else knows how to do

~high-fives at a game-winning spike

~the loudest cheering voice screaming in your ear, as your cross the finish line, with a personal best time

~a fearless karaoke partner in a crowd full of strangers, singing just as passionately nonetheless

~a midnight study-buddy, hopping in the car in a moment of pajama-filled, makeup-less spontaneity for a much-needed snack-run

~picking up the pieces left behind from a shattered, broken heart, and opening arms to a new partner in her life

~holding up layer-upon-layer of her wedding dress lace to allow her a much-needed restroom break on her big night

~a midnight text from the hospital, followed by a more-precious-than-life 6:00-A.M. picture, to let you know that your beautiful niece has finally arrived, two-and-a-half hours away; and that everyone is doing well, as you had hoped and prayed



Best friend. Partner-in-crime. Personal psychologist. Teacher. Attorney. Your biggest competitor. Silent cheerleader. The one who smiles with you at your best. Who sees you at your worst. Yet unconditionally loves you anyway. With a love that runs to the core, deeply-rooted, within two perfectly-matched souls. And though separated by miles, remains ever steadfast by heart and mind.


The craziest of rollercoaster rides; ups-and-downs; twists-and-turns, that can only be survived and enjoyed with just such a “know-you-from-the-inside-out” forever-and-ever-and-ever friend.

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