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She rises...

When the day is done,

and she has done her best,

after she lays her head down,

for what she knows will be only a brief rest;

she rises.

As the cries pour out from down

the shadowed hallway,

and straight into his mama's arms,

his tears melt away;

she rises.

When the rhythm of the morning

falls into a hectic rush;

tying shoes, perfect pigtails,

and breakfast on-the-go,

with a "hurry and hush";

she rises.

Out the door, into the pouring rain,

rain boots, soggy books...

absorbing every complaint;

she rises.

As the laundry and bills continue to pile,

and she steals the only moment to herself

for what she knows will be quite a long while;

she rises.

While she scrolls through the joyous

news feeds of family and friends,

and her inadequacies cause her weary

heart to crack and bend;

she rises.

When the evening's festivities tug

and pull at her heels,

and she does everything in her power

to hide her exhaustion and tears;

she rises.

And once she realizes it is not

from within herself

that she finds her strength,

for she has only the ability

to carry herself a limited length;

with a heart full of praise,

she drops to her knees,

for a mama now understands

Who answered her endless, exhausted pleas;

she rises.

Because as a mama truly realizes

the importance of slowing down

and looking up, she finally realizes

Who exactly is refilling her cup;

and once again, she rises.

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