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Perfection is Overrated, But God's Grace?

I cringe at perfect.

It's hard for me to even fathom.

And that's a lot to admit from a

(still) recovering perfectionist.

There are days when my news-feed

seems absolutely inundated with "perfect".

Perfect body.

Perfect home.

Perfect vacation.

Perfect new baby.

Perfect family photos.

Perfect meal pictures.


Seemingly perfect.

And over and over again, my heart sinks.

My mind is overwhelmed with inadequacy.

And my soul yearns for someone else to

showcase even a tiny glimpse into their flawed and faulty.

Sometimes, I wonder.

How hard we try.

To put on our masks

of perfection for others.

Because, I know it is still a huge struggle for me as well. I don't want others to see my flaws. And definitely not showcase them.

No one wants to share failure.

Because, truthfully, it feels shameful.

Cracked and bruised.

No one really wants to be vulnerable.

Because, truthfully, it feels raw.

And unguarded.

Open for attack.

No one really wants to be

completely transparent.

Because, truthfully, being that

open and honest feels terrifying.

No one wants to be these things, especially in the wide open of the world. Yet, everyone craves someone to step forward and be these things for them, so they can exhale. So they can whisper, cry or scream in the company of someone who is able to relate. So they can feel less alone.

But, you know what the world needs now,

more than ever?

A news-feed of chaotic. Of messy.

Of beautiful, broken blessings.

Of missteps that can bring others smiles.

Of moments smothered in grace. So much grace.

Not of perfect family photos, but silly ones.

Untouched ones.

Not of a perfectly put-together home, but

one overflowing with the blessing of messes.

Not of a perfect family vacation, but the

bloopers that normally wouldn't make the

social media "cut".

Because when the feelings of inadequacy

coming pouring into our hearts and souls,

we so very often forget that "perfect" just

plain-and-simply doesn't exist. For, although

our screens seem to be flooded with seemingly flawless photos, what we fail to remember, is that behind each one lies a dozen broken moments, unseen to the eyes of those staring into the perfection before them.

It’s so incredibly easy to try to quench our thirst at the mirage of perfection the world sets before us, each-and-every day. But as for me, I’ll choose His grace over perfect, every single time.

And I think the world could use so much more of letting ourselves fall into one another’s imperfections and find hope in them. To share the messy backgrounds of our photos in hopes of encouraging another of God's children. What a world it could be if only we could let our guards down enough to show others how His grace has met us in our messes, each and every day.

Because, truly, there is no greater place to meet Him.

Maybe if we all shared a little more of our broken, we could learn to even more new ways to piece ourselves, and our world, back together, more wholly and completely than ever before.

Perfection is overrated.

But, power of God's grace?

Completely underestimated.

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