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Motherhood is Meeting God

Sweet mama, as motherhood is bestowed upon us, one beautiful, unexpected way or another, we unexpectedly find ourselves in the thick of completely uncharted territory. Thinking we know so much, but quickly finding out, we have so much still to learn.

And while we fully understand this amazing blessing does not come with trophies and ribbons; nor is it encompassed with rest and tidiness, or never-ending patience and energy, we just aren't fully prepared to embrace just how incredibly beautiful the "everyday" truly is. Just how much courage we carry within our bodies and hearts. And just how much we learn along the way, including that we were and are never, ever alone in this journey.

Motherhood was never meant to uphold a lifestyle of glamour and glitz. Or pats-on-the-back and endless "thank-you" whispers.

No, precious mamas.

Instead, it’s grace.

And the everyday wins.

It’s matching socks.

And no tears at preschool.

It’s wearing stains.

And putting yourself in last place.

On purpose.

It’s everything opposite of selfish.

And everything surrounding selfless.

It’s days of serving as a punching bag.

And absorbing all the hurt in their worlds.

It’s nights of absolutely no sleep.

Because you are too scared not to watch

her fight and breathe.

It’s forgotten sports uniforms in the washer.

On game-morning.

And cereal for dinner.

It’s bedtime far past bedtime.

And the lost art of sleeping in.

It’s learning to become everything you never planned to be. Doctor. Teacher. Nurse. Coach. Counselor. And sacrificing everything you had planned to become.

It’s promising yourself tomorrow’s a new day.

And forgetting the new day is already here,

as you finally pull the covers over your weary

body past the clock's nudging reminder.

It’s physical aches and pains.

And pushing mental boundaries off the chart.

It’s worry and panic when you realize he’s missed curfew. And literally feeling your heart break as her first love cracks hers.

It’s losing your breath.

And swallowing your pride.

It’s producing more tears than you thought your body capable of. And realizing incredible strength you never knew you have within you.

It’s missing the mark.

And blowing expectations out of the water.

It’s meeting her at the finish line.

And meeting him in his failure.

It’s saying "no".

And screaming "yes".

It’s setting boundaries.

And bending at the borders.

It’s unconditional giving.

And limitless sacrifice.

It’s hearing all the advice.

And still going with your gut.

It’s going it alone.

And working with your village.

It’s cold coffee, closet chocolate and hidden tears. And closing your eyes when no one else is looking.

It’s two-inch roots.

And five-year-old jeans.

It’s packing up her baby clothes to put away for her children. And reminding him he will always be your baby.

It's not always having the words to say.

Yet, always knowing how to give the warmest, silent embrace.

Above all, it's meeting Him at the crossroad of glorious, messy, chaotic, forgiveness and grace. And knowing, never for once, have you ever been alone.

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