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Motherhood is Humbling Yourself in God's Name

Within 28 hours of this photo being taken...

I watched my baby have an asthma attack.

I walked into the ER just before 2:00 AM.

I caught vomit in my hands.

I stayed awake for almost 30 hours straight.

I listened to my baby cry out, out of

pure fear, dozens of times.

I pleaded with God for a hedge of protection.

I begged Him to put His angels before us.

I Face-Timed sick babies at home.

I cried on the phone with them,

because I couldn’t be there.

I wore pee and throw up for over 24 hours.

I didn’t change my clothes for 44 hours.

I slept in my tennis shoes by accident.

I didn’t eat or drink for 18 hours.

I watched my baby cry as beautiful

strangers worked on her.

I shared a bathroom with a family whose

newborn baby had open heart surgery.

And I prayed for that baby.

I prayed for that mama.


God didn’t create mamas to be anything less than warriors. Going to battle for their babies, tiny and grown, each and every day. Never promising tranquil battlegrounds.

Instead, He created mamas to depend on a strength only He can give. A kind of strength without limits. A kind of strength that is enveloped in raw and vulnerable. A kind of strength that requires a mama to humbly depend on Him through the work of His healing hands through those around her.


The most bittersweet gift of all.

A gift that requires grit.

Vulnerable hearts.

Weary bodies.

And pure exhaustion.

That can only be remedied

by finding rest in Him.

Motherhood requires…

Lacing up our boots.

Choosing our weapon of prayer.

And zipping ourselves up in the

armor of His word.

Every single day.

It’s finding strength with Him that you never knew existed. And humbling yourself in His name every step along the way; knowing that never for once, have you ever, stepped into battle alone.

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