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God's Unfathomable Love


A secret, deeply-rooted, life-long one.

Yet, one I know I don't carry alone.

A secret that has weighed me down.

A secret that has worn me out.

A secret that has consumed far too much of me.

I’m a people-pleaser.

A heavy, burdened, exhausted people-pleaser.

Truthfully, to a fault.

And, while I am trying to constantly overcome

this “need”; I am not quite there yet.

It’s been a life-long mountain

I’ve been trying to climb.

To overcome.

To slide down, with ease.

A trek I started early in childhood.

And while I have gained a lot of footing over the years, that “sting” of thinking someone doesn’t like you, what you’ve done, what you represent, or a choice you’ve made; still hurts, pretty intensely.

More and more, I’ve tried to find something earthly to cling to when those feelings pour in. But, if I’ve learned anything...searching for something worldly to combat this "need to please" is almost an addiction in itself.

So, I vowed that I would quit...

Quit worrying so much about what others think...

Quit overthinking before I share or dive into something...

Quit second-guessing choices...

Quit looking for more gratification by looking to please different people, once I felt like I’ve failed someone...

Because, you want to know the truth, sweet friends?

In the end, pleasing-people will never matter.

Our pathway to Heaven is not paved by

pleasing everyone along the way.

Kindness, yes.

Worshipping the need to please? No.

For, you can have thousands of friends.

You can be granted millions of compliments.

You can receive an infinite amount of “likes”.

But none of them compare to God’s love for you.

Keep your eyes to the skies.

Keep your heart in a state of kindness.

And stay rooted in Him.

Because, no amount of “likes” can ever, ever

replace His merciful, beautiful, unconditional, bountiful love.

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