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God’s Paintbrush

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Isn’t it uncanny? The way God swoops in. Just when we need His presence the most. With a perfect-timing embrace from a best friend. A helping hand from a complete stranger. And a beautiful sunset to warm your heart on a cold winter’s evening.

God's Paintbrush 5

To be honest, from the time I pick the girls up, to the time we get home, bathed and fed, is one of my favorite and least-favorite parts of the day. I a.d.o.r.e. our ride home. Listening to the latest preschool happenings. Or what creative decoration they crafted up while I was at work. But, after that, there are times I wish I had a pink, sparkling magic mommy wand to wave around, and in seconds, baths (ahem…hair-and-face-washing) would be complete, pajamas would be toasting their little bodies and macaroni and cheese (with a side of apples, of course) would suddenly appear at the dinner table.

God's Paintbrush 6

It’s just one of those times of the day when I need a little boost, and lately, He has been spoiling me rotten. Night after night of pure beauty. And it doesn’t end there. Mornings. Days. Icicle-covered trees. Shimmering snow-covered hills. Emerald-and-sapphire inspired waterfalls. Pure beauty, my friends. By the greatest artist of all….

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