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God's Mighty Little Girl

There is this little girl.

A little girl God designed to be so incredibly

one-of-a-kind that the world would never fit

her into its mold.

A little girl who was born with a tiny hammer

in her back pocket--ready for repairs, emergencies, helping others, and any glass-ceiling-shattering to come her way.

A little girl---strong, mighty, fierce, bold and

compassionate--overflowing with character

straight from the blessed hands of God Above...

...strength to carry those who feel weak...

...might to stand up for injustice and wrong...

...fierceness to show the world who is boss...

...fiery boldness to carve a path along her way...

A tiny trailblazer.

A passionate leader.

A petite boundary-pusher.

Fragile, yet strong.

Loud, yet an intent listener.

Obstinate, yet full of integrity.

There is this little girl.

A little girl who God handcrafted to outrun her own shadow, so she could lead others through the world's darkness, with His light, every step of her way.

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