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God's Covenant in Broken Moments

There are these moments.




Unbearable, soul-shaking moments.

These moments.

Moments unseen by the eyes of the world.


When you feel so completely crushed,

you can feel your heart shatter within your chest.


When you feel as though no one in the world

would notice your absence on Earth.


When you feel so lost, you can’t even find your voice.


When your tears become your heart’s cry to God.

But what we don’t realize about these moments?

Is that God?

He counts every. single. tear.

And our tears?

Are God’s way of cleansing our hearts.

Renewing our souls.

Clearing our eyes.

So we can clearly see His goodness ahead, once more.

Because those tears He collects?

They aren’t without purpose.

They aren't without meaning.

They aren't without design.

For as those tears fall?

He’s simply waiting.

Waiting, for your heart to join His timing.

Holding you.

Rocking you.

Unconditionally loving you.

Waiting for the storm to clear.

So He can take every single tear collected

and joyfully toss them directly

into the sunlight above,

to once again bring the

beauty from the squall....

...the beauty of His covenant...

To never leave us.

To never forsake us.

To forever keep us close.

And to shine His goodness down upon us, once more.

For God will not cause pain

without allowing something

new to be born. (Isaiah 66:9)

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