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God Never Stops Writing Our Stories

We don’t always see it, you know?

We don’t always see it.

We don’t always feel it.

We don’t always notice it.

But I promise,

He never stops...




...performing miracles...

...showering us in the everyday monotony of life...

Our human eyes are not always capable of seeing.

But our hearts?

They are always capable of believing...

...of trusting...

...of living...

...of knowing...

His goodness

His promises

His protection

His truth

His mercy

His redemption

His grace

For as you sleep,

He quietly works.

When are overwhelmed,

He takes your load.

The moments you lose your way,

He seeks you without end.

Just when you think you are too far gone,

He’s just getting started.

He is not done with your story.

He’s simply waiting.

For your eyes to be opened.

For your weary heart to recall.

For your knees to hit the ground.

For your eyes to meet His, from the dust below to the Heavens above.

And more than anything,

for you to hand over your pen

and let Him finish what

He has already so

carefully begun writing.

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