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God has secured His place...

Have you met it yet?

Have you hit it?

Have you?

Were you already there?

Are you there now?

Do you feeling it coming?

Your breaking point?

The point of not being able to handle anything else. The point of absolutely drowning; of suffocating; of not being able to handle one more thing.

He’s waiting right there for you, you know.

The enemy.

Waiting for the moment you finally crack.

Split into a million pieces.

Scream against your Father above.

Placing the blame for this year

into the hands of the One ready to save you.

Waiting, to snag up your broken pieces

and hastily shred and toss them, into an infinite amount of directions, as far away from your Heavenly Father, as possible.

You can feel him shattering you, can't you?

Threatening to break you in ways seemingly impossible. Yet, there is nothing too low and conniving that the enemy has not yet thought of, because he has thought of everything.

Pitting you against your children.

Pitting you against your friends of opposing political parties.

Pitting you against family members with different world views.

Standing in between you and your spouse.

Standing between you and your daily time with your Father Above.

Standing between you and the day's finish line; each and every single day.

Using the world as His playground.

And inviting us all to come play in his hatred,

unkindness, jealousy, competition, one-upping and ungrateful, angry thoughts.

He's waiting for you, you know?

But there's something that Satan always forgets.

Every single time.

That within that feeling of breaking into a billion tiny, shattered, irreparable pieces, God has already secured His place.

Because, He already knows.

For, it's hard to run too far from a God, Who is so very close to your heart, that not even a whisper is needed, to hear straight to the depths of your soul.

He knows your heartache.

He knows your anxiety.

He knows your anger.

He knows your fear.

He knows your weakness.

He knows your breaking point.

He already knows.

For, He sent His only Son, from Heaven above, to the earth below, to fight. To fight for you. To fight, every second, of every day, against all the world is dumping upon you right now. To share the love and words of His Father. To absorb those feelings.

To experience the exact same pain and suffering. And worse.

And to carry.

To carry the cross.

And to carry our burdens.

Each and every second,

of each and every day.

He’s already there, you know.


And ready.

Ready to catch you.

Ready to hold you.

Ready to lift you.

Ready to rock you.

Ready to piece you back together.

Intricate fiber, by intricate fiber.

Each and every time.

We simply have to make the choice.

We can either scream from pride; from anger;

from fear; from jealousy; from weakness

and from pure irritation with our circumstances.

Or, we can simply cry from our shattered hearts, without even releasing a sound from our lips, to our Heavenly Father above, and crawl...raw, broken and all, straight into His outstretched, healing arms...once more.

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