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February Goals

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Oh, February…how have you already appeared at our front door? With snow in hand. It’s almost impossible to believe that January, my least favorite month, flew by in such a flash. And, you know what, sweet friends? Not a day passed by that I did not think about my goals that I had made at the start of this month. Seriously, it was so invigorating to create these personal aspirations and work hard to attain them!  And February? My mind has been spinning and twirling even before the month arrived. 


Before I jump into this month’s goals, I want to review January’s goals… 

1. Buy a planner, and u.s.e. it. Mission accomplished! It is set to arrive this week!! And as soon as it does, you better believe I will be using it.

2. Become more flexible in all areas of my life. Mission accomplished!! I would say, I did well with this one too. The month started with a lot of tears and uncertainty. And although this next week or so will also be somewhat “up-in-the-air”, I am learning not to stress out so much and to just roll with the punches.

3. Read a book; an entire book. Mission failed! Argh. I literally just got my two books in the mail last week. I plan to start with Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, even possibly later today. One of my closest friends also recommended She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice. This one is already saved in my Amazon shopping cart. 😉

4. Walk away from, or ignore (defer, if needed) any situations that involve gossip about others, no matter the person. Mission accomplished!! I honestly think I did pretty well with this one. A goal I plan to continue fulfilling each month. It makes me feel like a much better person, especially knowing I would never want to be the topic of conversation in a “gossip” session. In fact, you can check out this post from an experience I had this month…Passing Judgment.

5. Write down one happy moment from each day. Mission accomplished!! Oh friends, this was my favorite goal!! Check back tomorrow for my post, “Thirty-One Days”!


February’s Goals…

1. Read a book; an entire book. I plan to start with Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, even possibly later today. One of my closest friends also recommended She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice. Then, once Lent begins on February 18th, I plan to shift to Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dreams (a 40-day reflective book; perfect for Lent.)

2. Create an intentional and purposeful Lenten goal. I have two-and-a-half weeks before Lent begins. Last year, my goal was to open myself fully and completely to God’s plan for me, and in doing so, I very happily and fulfillingly rediscovered my passion for writing and was able to restart this blog! Such a “treasure” in my life.

3. Take better care of myself, physically. I rarely sit. At home, or at work. But, recently, I have had some serious bouts with back/nerve pain, and I realize just how important it is to carve out that time for me each day. Whether it be to exercise/work out, stretch, take a hot bath or remember to floss my teeth each day, I want to make February a month dedicated to getting myself back on track with my body.

4. Write down one happy moment from each day. It’s always easier to get on a roll of taking strong note when things aren’t unfolding as planned. Oh, but how much brighter life can be when opening our eyes to the sweet beauty present around us each-and-every day. I know there will be days when completing this seemingly simple task will be harder than others, but I think it will offer great change in perspective on those daunting, gloomy, frigid winter days.

5. Begin packing up items that we are not actively using. We have moved twice in the last 10 years; once when we first got married, and then when I was just 6-7 weeks pregnant with Monkey. Having three active and attention-needed toddlers in-toe with our next  move will be much more challenging! The more I can plan and be as prepared as possible, the better and smoother things will be.


So what do you think, sweet friends? Life is busy. As always. We already know that. So, I am hoping, wishing and praying that I can pull these off. What about you? Do you have any goals? Have you thought about setting/creating them? This has been perfect for me. Setting aspirations and working to achieve them. Just perfect. I am excited to see where these lead me this month and can’t wait to share how everything played out at the end of this month!

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