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Embracing this Season

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Just a little over a week ago, life could not get much crazier. My arms were w-i-d-e open, ready to fully encircle our upcoming fall break with nothing short of a bear hug. I remember thinking, while sitting in work meetings the week before, looking around at my wonderful coworkers, and listening to their plans for their vacation time…wow, we are all in such different places in our lives. There I sat, in the midst of the girls not feeling well, one-after-another, like dominoes, praying to make it to the weekend, and then through the following week, without having to take yet another day from work, while conversations of trips away and house-cleanings and other adventures were all abuzz. It brought me back to a quote, one I discovered on Pinterest, while walking through a journey with myself, last Lenten season. In this devotional, there was one line that stood out above most others: “I do solemnly resolve to embrace my current season of life.”

My current season of life…how different it is than so many around me. And the thing is, as I was thinking more about this post today, a consideration entered into my mind…are there times when I am jealous of others and their present seasons of life? My immediate reaction: “nope“. Now, that’s not to say that things might be easier or less stressful. But things would also be less fulfilled. Less full of laughter. Less exciting. Less messy. Less beautiful.

I am in a season filled with crumbs. And markers. Carpet stains. And juice boxes. Couch cuddles. And dance breaks. Chicken nuggets. And M & M’s. Diapers. And “big-girl” undies. Sleepless nights. And early mornings. Ear infections. And runny noses. Leaf-collecting. And ant-watching. “Go away Mommy!” And “Mommy, I neeeeed you!“

I am in a season that is go-go-go. That rarely allows time for myself. A season that is selfless. A season of big life choices. For very little people. A season of forks-in-the-road. And which direction to choose? A season of paint-less nails. And painted furniture.  A season of “yes-yes-yes” when I really mean “no-so-sorry-but-no“. A season of late-night-pizza-because-the-couch-is-calling-my-name. And I-forgot-to-grab-my-lunch-so-a-granola-bar’s-just-gonna-have-to-do.

And no matter how exhausting this season may be. How unbelievably messy (especially for a clean-freak like me). How filled with car-rides to soccer practice and last-minute runs to the doctor’s office. How much of a juggling act. No matter…my arms are wide open. Because this season may very well be the most precious I will ever experience. And before I know it, they will be in school. Mommy won’t be the one teaching them their alphabet or their numbers. Life won’t be so fresh and new in their sweet little eyes. They will learn to handle life experiences on their own. Friends, sports and homework will flood in, and I will ask for God’s Hand to hold while guiding me over the bridge to another new phase.

But for now, with tired and thankful hands, I vow to happily wipe away all of the “it’s-just-not-fair” toddler tears. To join in the grape-munching feasts (after spending ten-minutes quartering them again and then again and still one more time). To grab onto the swing’s ropes and close my eyes, inhaling the fresh air while dangling over the grass below. To spend hours searching for the “perfect” and lowest-costing Halloween costume, only to swallow my anger when there is a last-minute costume-change-request. To lose myself in artistic endeavors, bath-time and all its insanity, chocolate cravings, Santa-wish-list-making, bed-time-story-reading, and all-things-princesses for as long as God chooses this season to last for (our family and) me.

So no matter where you are in your life, freshly-graduated from college, engaged and planning a wedding, experiencing life with a newborn, preparing to enroll your child for kindergarten, or in the midst of teenage chaos, take a moment to learn something from this phase of your life. Remember that God has all control. This season will begin, continue and end as He, and only He, has planned for each of us.

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