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Dear Heavenly Father, Stay with Me

The sun has yet to rise, Lord. Quiet is this house. The peaceful, thoughtful kind. The only sounds heard are my whispers to you.

Already feeling the tug-o-war, Lord.

Between sneaking out of bed for those extra moments with you. Alone. With my thoughts. My feelings. My words. And pulling the covers back over my head for just a few more minutes of desperately-needed rest.

A few more minutes, Father. That's just about it. Before growing bodies begin to tip-toe about, eyes-half-closed, looking for their mama to begin a new day.

So, I plead, please stay with me. Please guide and help me through this day.

As early-morning requests start flooding in. Cereal bowls line the counter, right next the jar of peanut butter for today's lunches. Please allow me to bring a smile to my face through this transition from weary and exhausted, to beginning the day by inhaling the goodness and blessings you have placed right in front of me.

Tiny demands and all.

As I shuffle about from kitchen to laundry room, alternating breakfast-making to lunch-preparing to laundry-folding. Allow me to put breathe in every blessing in my path; pajamas strewn about, ponytail tangles, crumbs-underfoot and all.

Father, please continue to hold my hand.

Allowing my words to speak gently. Deep breaths to accompany impatience. And self-control to overtake my grumpy thoughts.

Dear Lord, please fill me with patience as the day's requests fall upon me like a row of dominoes. Please allow me not to crumble and fall under the neediness of their tired hearts, as we make our way through the day. Remembering always that they too spend their days working incredibly hard.

Please help me delight in requests from little souls. For "one more book" and "You hold me, Mommy". As my eyes flutter open, closed and back open once more.

Please grant me forgiveness through the grunts-and-the-groans; the raised voice and heavy feet; as my patience wears thin.

And most of all, Lord, please open my eyes to see the everyday miracles Those tiny blessings you have bestowed upon us, within the walls of our home. Within our family. Within every part of our lives. Most especially on those days of waking, making, taking care of, laughing, letting the tears flow, snuggling closely, disciplining toughly and preparing yet for another day.

So, as our week ends... The time when our bodies, hearts and souls are so very much in-need of recharging...

Let us simply remember to give it ALL to You, Lord. The big. The tiny. The hard. The easy. The meaningless. The meaningful. The lost patience. The gratification. The weariness. The heavy-heartedness. The rediscovered joy. The rested soul.

As we turn our burdens into words of thanksgiving. All in Your name.

"...but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. " (Philippians 4:6-7)

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