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Currently/Weekend Wrap-Up

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Good afternoon, beautiful friends! I hope today finds you with your heart aglow for the holiday season and not too overwhelmed by a lingering shopping or to-do list. Today marks week number four of giving my sweet readers  a glimpse into my personal life, away from writing, through my “Currently” post, as well as sharing my favorite pieces from other writers during the week. So, here we go!

Advent Calendar


Loving//: The girls’ excitement for our Advent calendar…there may have been some little spats over opening the doors, but we have a system going…whoever opens the door, the other one gets to take the book to bed. (And Nugget could care less…she’s all about popping open as many doors as possible 🙂 ). They are loving it!

Reading//: The Best Yes (about 2/3 of the way through…hoping to finish this weekend!!)

Learning//: Sometimes the encouragement you need the most might not come from those you expect, which can be disappointing, but also rejuvenating at the same time

Planning//: Something special for someone special who finds the holiday season a little bit harder than most…just hoping to be able to finish/pull it off!

Encouraged by//: Miss O being able to tell me all about the true meaning of Christmas and being able to understand the stories behind both Jesus’ birth and Santa, but knowing that Jesus’ birth is the heart of the Christmas Story and Celebration

Wishing//: To find some ways to really be able to show my girls the meaning of giving and helping others this holiday season. They are still very young, so I am looking to things/activities that we can do that they will remember and understand in their sweet, little hearts.

Praying//: For guidance in some serious decision-making for our family, including making a choice on a potential move.

Favorite Blog Posts from the Week:

Chelsea from The Contented Wife Blog, posting an open letter to “Dear Married Couple Without Kids”. This post is fabulous! Such a great read for families with children, young couples who have yet to start a family, as well as friends of couples with children. Loved this!!

Married Couple w_o Kids Guest Post

Rachel Ann from It’s a Good Life, posting about how to avoid comparison traps with others. This was such a heart-warming post to me, because as a woman, a mother and someone trying to become the best person I can be in this world, it is such. a. hard. feat. not. to. compare. Rachel Ann uses scripture from Galatians to remind us that we should only be concerned with our “own work” and doing a “job well done” with whatever assignments God bestows upon us.


Erica from Why, Let, Lead, posting about creating a family memory jar each year. This was actually a goal of mine last year. I saw the idea on Pinterest and fell in love! However, I was in a fragile state of mind at the beginning of this past year. My anxiety had full control in my life once again, and wasn’t feeling the most excited for the start of another year. I hope and pray that I can get things together to begin recording our family’s memories together! What a beautiful tradition.


Sarita from it’s my girls’ world, sharing a post about her Elf’s return. So sweet! I had heard of a North Pole Breakfast before, but she made it look so totally lovely. In fact, I made an early-morning dash to the store just to pick up some sweet morning treats. Our Elf’s sleigh is set to arrive any time. He was postponed for just a bit (due to some little girls not feeling quite up-to-par). Can’t wait to try to pull it all together tomorrow!


Melissa from the Rambling Llama, sharing a post about the pure innocence of childhood as her daughter became lost in the watching of an early-morning rainstorm. Simply beautiful. Melissa is such a fun blogger! I am so lucky to have found her and gotten to know her even better. She is a fabulous cheerleader for other blogging women and mothers, and she has s.u.c.h. a beautiful energy and spirit about her. This post is a heart-melting piece of writing, for all your amazing mamas, especially!


Madison from Wetherills Say I Do, sharing a post about a “gift guide for pups. Sooooo totally cute and sweet. I loved reading through this post! Our big guy always receives a treat and a special new toy on Christmas Day, and he has his own stocking. So, I know this post will be a great one for any wonderful dog-lover!


Anne from Love the Here and Now, posting about her favorite holiday tradition: St. Nicholas Day! This is one of mine too. One that I have carried over to our girls, and so has she. They love it. It was nice to see that there was someone else out there who celebrates this fun and memorable tradition, encompassed by a story of the ultimate in giving and kindness to those in need.


 Once again, I wish each and every one of YOU blessings for a fulfilled week ahead!

Thank you for stopping by! xoxo

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