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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

So here we are. A work in progress for over three months. I just c.o.u.l.d.n.’t. make the leap. But the time has come. If I keep putting off change (oh how that word makes me cringe), I don’t think there is anyway I will reach what I feel I am supposed to achieve through the path that God has opened up to me. Through writing. Through motherhood. Through my passion for supporting others. And finally, each entity is coming together. United in a way that is unbelievably inspiring to me. I pray each day for God’s total guidance. As a Christian. As a Mother. As a Spouse. As a Daughter. As a Sister. As a Friend. As a Teacher. As a Writer. I ask that He continue to open the way for me in each avenue. To guide me as He sees best fit. And even more, I pray for the courage to listen and to obey.

So, welcome friends! To a place where you can let your guard down. Where my vulnerability will be on display each day. As I hope to find the strength to support every strong woman. Every passionate woman. Every anxious woman. Every weary woman. Every mother. Every lost soul needing encouragement. Welcome to my little nest. A corner of my life ready to embrace new friendships, new self-discoveries and new adventures.

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